Deutchman Determined to Broaden "Indies"; White Joins Team as Company Begins Repping First Two Films

by Eugene Hernandez

Last week Redeemable Features, the independent film company formed by Ira
Deutchman, announced that is has joined forces with noted indie film
consultant Cara White to serve as producers' representatives and sales
agents for independent movies. Laying out their plans for the alliance,
Deutchman and White told indieWIRE yesterday that they seek to stem the
recent tide of Hollywood-minded, so-called "indie" films.

"Indies have grown to the point where they are copying what is going on in
Hollywood," White explained, indicating that she and Deutchman plan to
create opportunities for films that don't fit that mold. Enlisting the
support of White, Deutchman and company have secured the services of a
seasoned indie consultant. As a principal at New York's Clein + White, and
as a producers rep, Cara White has worked on numerous breakout indie hits,
including last year's Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner, "Welcome To The Dollhouse". White left NYC two years ago and will remain based in South

"The definition of independent film has been narrowed recently, the
independent film world is aping the larger Hollywood film world by making
everything dependent on being star driven and high concept," Deutchman
explained, adding, "There are lots of people who have all kinds of stories
to tell, and as the Hollywood people narrow their agenda there are less and
less opportunities." Deutchman has spent the past eight months searching
for the right films to represent and recently announced the first two,
Tanya Wexler's "Finding North" and Marcus Spiegel's "The Farmhouse". Both films
are still in production and have not yet been screened for the industry.

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