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by Bryce J. Renninger
May 15, 2013 11:52 AM
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DIY Special Effects: The 'Matrix' Bullet Time Shot with a Ceiling Fan and a GoPro

A lemon splashes into a bowl in a still from the demonstration of this DIY "The Matrix" bullet effect.

Mark Rober, who has been experimenting with cameras for some time now on his YouTube channel (even sending one into a gorilla cage to document the animal up close and making a "Scooby-Doo"-style moving-eyes-in-a-portrait surveillance cam), has done something really cool this week.

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In order to replicate the slow-mo bullet time effect from "The Matrix" with, you know, no FX budget, Rober set up a curved background, two flashlights and a GoPro camera onto an upside down ceiling fan.  He turns the camera on and then the ceiling fan, and makes things happen in the middle of the contraption. The footage, we have to say, is magical. In his demonstration of the effect, he's got really cool shots of an egg being cracked, a lemon being dropped into a bowl of water, and a bunch of candy Nerds falling into a bowl.  Take a look below: