"I Declare War."
Drafthouse Films "I Declare War."

Each month, Film Festival Flix brings award winning films from film festivals all over the world to audiences at their local theaters. Today the company announced its next project for bringing films to local audiences. Film Festival Flix is partnering with Drafthouse Films, the distribution branch of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, and will allow all Drafthouse titles to be available for download and streaming purchase on its own dedicated channel. The deal will "provide Film Festival Flix viewers with award-winning curated content from the Drafthouse Films label and help viewers find these films in a single location," says FFF CEO Benjamin Oberman.

The new partnership is beginning in July with Film Festival Flix presenting the film "I Declare War" for a final series of festival screenings. Directed by Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson, the film follows a group of boys in the spirit of "Lord of the Flies" whose summer games turn deadly serious.

"I Declare War" is available on VOD July 23rd before its theater release in August.