Tommy Chaos

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"The Life and Death of Tommy Chaos and Stacey Danger"

Tweetable Logline:

The story of a couple destined for disaster. Think 'Blue Valentine' meets 'Jurassic Park'.

Elevator Pitch:

'The Life and Death of Tommy Chaos and Stacey Danger" is the story of a couple destined for disaster. The overarching theme is that Love is an adventure, and we subject ourselves to its irrationality for better or for worse. Whether they travel to the bottom of the ocean or the depths of outer space, Tommy and Stacey just can't seem to live up to each other's expectations. It's about the ideas we project onto other people, and the duality of our identities as humans. It's also about being chased by dinosaurs while you ride a one-eyed Grizzly bear.

Production Team:

Michael Lukk Litwak - Writer/Director
-'French Quesadillas' Official Selection SIFF 2012, PSISF 2012
-'Interstellar Intercourse: A Space-Sex Odyssey' - Winner - Audience Award T48 2012
Producer - Jean Claude Billmaier
Cinematographer - Oliver Anderson
Production Designer - Taylor Shung
Composer - Jesse Kranzler

About the Production:

To me there is a lot of poetry in absurdity. I think we must sometimes run away from things to get closer to them, and I see this not only in our day to day lives but when we watch a movie, we do it not only to escape but also to find "truth in the pleasant disguise of an illusion," as Tennessee Williams put it. Yes, there are Grizzly Bears, Dinosaurs, Spaceships and all types of crazy things, but in essence it's the simple story of two people trying to make sense of a senseless world.

Current Status:

Fundraising in Pre-Production

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