Organic Salt

While the Kickstarter goal for Angelo Garro's Omnivore Salt, "a family recipe that makes food taste better," has not yet been raised, its campaign has made half its goal in just three days, with thirty-six days to go.  Garro is looking to market his spiced salt, which we can only be sure includes sodium chloride and fennel, and needs some funds to get going.

What better way to get your product off the ground than with some endorsements from serious foodies?  Chez Panisse Alice Walters says, "This salt is so indispensable, I bring a bag everywhere I go!" "The Omnivore's Dilemma" author Michael Pollan says, "Angelo Garro has been one of my most influential teachers, in the kitchen as well as in the fields and woods. As a rule I don’t do product endorsements, but my debt to Angelo is so deep, and his salt so special, that I have no choice. Rule Broken."

But the most important endorsement of all comes from Werner Herzog, who narrated and co-edited the campaign video for the Omnivore Salt.  Herzog's power as a trusted source was recently solidified when "The Act of Killing," a film he Executive Produced with Errol Morris debuted on the big screen with big numbers. 

Here's the campaign video for Omnivore Salt, and click here to visit the project's Kickstarter campaign.