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Exclusive: Check Out This Stop Motion Poster For Documentary 'The Overnighters'

Photo of Eric Eidelstein By Eric Eidelstein | Indiewire August 25, 2014 at 10:52AM

The American dream is not what it seems in the stop motion poster for documentary "The Overnighters."
'The Overnighters'
'The Overnighters'

"The Overnighters," a documentary that screened earlier this year at Sundance, offers a hard look at poverty. More specifically, the film examines a controversial program that attempted to tackle the influx of job-seekers in a small, underdeveloped North Dakota town. 

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Directed by Jesse Moss, "The Overnighters" is a film that scrutinizes a well-meaning, but anger-inducing housing program created by a pastor in Williston, North Dakota. In this exclusive stop motion poster, we get a glimpse at some of the current workers who arrive to the town in search of the infamous American dream. 

"The Overnighters" will open in theaters on October 10.

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