With its impending release just around the corner, director Darren Stein and writer George Northy's "G.B.F." (Gay Best Friend) has given Indiewire an exclusive new clip, one that features none other than the hilarious Megan Mullally as the awkward mother of a gay teen (Paul Iacono).

"G.B.F." follows the comedic escapades of a group of high school girls determined to make Tanner, the recently-outed boy in school, their new gay best friend. In an attempt to climb the lengthy social ladder, Tanner's new makeover at the hands of the clique queens leads him to his popularity, but forces him to re-evaluate his priorities, his friendships and ultimately his identity.

Currently on DirecTV, "G.B.F." gets its theatrical release on January 17, 2014.

Check out the clip below: