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Exclusive, Nightmarish Stills From Director Alex van Warmerdam's Creepy-Looking 'Borgman'

Photo of Casey Cipriani By Casey Cipriani | Indiewire May 5, 2014 at 1:14PM

The home invasion thriller opens on June 6.

While trailers can give us brief flashes of a film's atmosphere, sometimes a longer glance at a photo provides even more. That is especially the case when the film looks as disturbing as Alex van Warmerdam's  "Borgman," which stars Jan Bijvoet as a creepy drifter. 

From the film's synopsis: A dark suburban fable exploring the nature of evil in unexpected places, "Borgman" follows an enigmatic vagrant who enters the lives of an upper-class family and quickly unravels their carefully curated lifestyle. Charming and mysterious, Camiel Borgman seems almost otherworldly, and it isn't long before he has the wife, children and nanny under his spell in a calculated bid to take over their home life. However, his domestic assimilation takes a malevolent turn as his ultimate plan comes to bear, igniting a series of increasingly maddening and menacing events.

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Take a closer look below at some of the exclusive stills below, courtesy of Drafthouse Films. "Borgman" opens June 6 in select theaters.

Borgman (Jan Bijvoet), in the guise of the newly hired family gardener, consults with Marina (Hadewych Minis).

In their underwater grave, victims float up from their cement bucket anchors.
Youngest daughter Isolde (Elve Lijbaart) discovers a victim.
Brenda (Annet Malherbe) and Ilonka (Eva van de Wijdeven) eliminate a threat.
Borgman (Jan Bijvoet) performs a surgical procedure on Isolde (Elve Lijbaart).
Borgman (Jan Bijvoet) joins Marina (Hadewych Minis) and her family for an evening of theatre.
Borgman (Jan Bijvoet) watches the family’s house from the woods.

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