Actress Brandy Burre captivated audiences as campaign fixer Theresa D'Agostino in seasons three and four of HBO's "The Wire." The upcoming film "Actress," directed by Robert Greene, whose 2012 "Fake It So Real" was named one of the best documentaries of 2012 by Roger Ebert, explores Burre's hiatus from acting for motherhood and her current efforts to revitalize her career.

Greene, who describes "Actress" as a "nonfiction/melodrama hybrid," initially wanted to explore the role performance could have in a documentary film. "I thought it would be an interesting experiment to make a documentary about a person that, as an actor, couldn’t help but perform when the camera was on her," he explained. Burre, who is Greene's real life next-door neighbor, happened to be the ideal subject.

"Actress" will have its world premiere at the True/False Festival starting Feb. 27 and will close the Art of the Real series at Lincoln Center in April. This closing will also mark its New York premiere.

Check out an exclusive teaser clip from "Actress" below: