David Gordon Green's new film "Joe" has been gaining steam since first premiering on the festival circuit last year -- namely for featuring Nicolas Cage's best performance in ages. And while yes, Cage is indeed awesome in the titular role, his co-stars in the film are equally as strong. As it turns out, most of them weren't actors before making "Joe."

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In this exclusive featurette for the Roadside Attractions release that comes out in theaters and On Demand this Friday, Green explains why he cast non-actors in major supporting roles alongside Cage and in-demand newcomer Tye Sheridan ("The Tree of Life," "Mud"). Cage also weighs in on what it was like to work opposite real-life folk such as Gary Poulter, a homeless street performer Green discovered on the streets of Austin. Sadly, Poulter passed away before he got to see the completed film.

Watch below: