Joe Manganiello went on Dailymotion's always-entertaining series "Profound Minutiae" with Anthony Layser to talk about his role on "True Blood," with a lot of detours along the way.

The "actor, wolf person, and pride of Pittsburgh, PA" started off with a tangent on the dynamics of differentiating the werewolf from the vampire after "Twilight" rather indelicately muddled their mythologies. The two continue their deadpan and sometimes NSFW banter with an in-depth conversation on Arnold Schwartzenegger. Manganiello also revealed that he almost screen-tested for "Man of Steel" (they even started making his suit!), but his "True Blood" duties ultimately got in the way of pursuing it. Stay tuned for tips on how to look like Manganiello, who appears to be allergic to shirts.

Watch the video, exclusive to Indiewire, below: