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by Bryce J. Renninger
May 14, 2013 4:04 PM
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'Expendables' Actor and Old Spice Guy Terry Crews Shows Up at the 'Arrested Development' Banana Stand

Today in New York's Columbus Circle, at the southwest corner of Central Park, Netflix promoted the fourth season of "Arrested Development" with a pop-up banana stand.  The appearance of a cool summer treat follows the appearance of the stand in the UK and yesterday's trip to Radio City Music Hall.

Today at the banana stand, kept away from the crowds by security guards and being interviewed by journalists, was "Expendables" star, former NFL defensive end, and former Old Spice spokesperson Terry Crews.  Speaking to the Huffington Post at the show's LA preview, Crews said, ""My character's name is Herbert Love, I'm a politician.  Tony [Hale, Buster Bluth] and I had some really great times, and Portia [de Rossi, Lindsay Bluth F√ľnke] and I had a very funny [possibly romantic?] storyline."

Season 4 of "Arrested Development" will debut exclusively on Netflix May 26.

Here are some shots from the banana stand, which it should be noted had no money in it.  Everything was free.

Terry Crews at the Banana Stand Bryce J. Renninger
Some "Arrested Development" fans posing with their frozen bananas. Bryce J. Renninger
The line stretched from Columbus Circle at 59th street to 62nd street Bryce J. Renninger
The banana stand as seen from the Columbus Circle subway station, with Terry Crews on the right. Bryce J. Renninger
Some guy in a banana suit gives everyone "Mr. Manager" stickers, to put everyone on an equal playing field with George Michael. Bryce J. Renninger

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