Jobriath AD photo 2

The seventies glam rock musician Jobriath who was known as "The American Bowie," "The True Fairy of Rock & Roll," and "Hype of the Year" has been rediscovered and profiled in Kieran Turner’s music documentary, "Jobriath A.D." The feature explores Jobriath, the first openly gay rock musician and his brief reign as a star before a publicity machined doomed his career leaving him to die in obscurity at the Chelsea Hotel as one of the first victims of AIDS.

Henry Rollins (Black Flag) narrates the film which features the artists Jobriath influenced including: Marc Almond, Joey Arias, Jayne County, Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, Stephin Merritt of Magnetic Fields, Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters, Will Sheff of Okkervil River, and Justin Tranter of Semi Precious Weapons

Factory 25 has acquired the film and will be releasing it digitally on December 10th via cable VOD, iTunes, Amazon VUDU, X-Box, Sony Playstation and other digital outlets. The film premieres theatrically on January 31st and will continue to play through the spring.

Take a look at the trailer below: