After the dust has settled at Austin's 2010 Fantastic Fest, the audiences and esteemed juries announced the winners of this year's awards. Jang Cheol-so's "Bedevilled" took home the Audience Award for best film, and the "Next Wave" Competition winner was Jorge Michel Grau's "We Are What We Are." "Bedevilled" tells the story of a girl who takes revenge on her tormentors after reaching her breaking point. Grau's "We Are What We Are," is a subtly told story of a cannibalistic family whose father dies, his body taken away before they can dispose of it in their own way.

The complete list of winners:

Audience Awards

"Bedevilled," Jang Cheol-so

Runners Up:

"Golden Slumber," Yoshihiro Nakamura
"Rubber," Quentin Dupieux
"Ip Man 2," Wilson Yip

AMD & Dell "Next Wave" Spotlight Competition

Best Picture: "We Are What We Are," Jorge Michel Grau

Best Director: Thomas Cappelen Malling ("Norwegian Ninja")

Best Screenplay: Jorge Michel Grau ("We Are What We Are")

Best Actor: Mads Ousdal ("Norwegian Ninja")

Best Actress: Seo Yeong-hee ("Bedevilled")

Horror Features

Best Picture: "Kidnapped,"

Best Director: Miguel Ángel Vivas ("Kidnapped")

Best Screenplay: Simon Barrett ("A Horrible Way to Die")

Best Actor: A J Bowen ("A Horrible Way to Die")

Best Actress: Amy Seimetz ("A Horrible Way to Die")

Fantastic Features

Best Picture: "Sound of Noise," Ola Simonsson & Johannes Stjärne Nilsson

Best Director: Pablo Trapero ("Carancho")

Best Screenplay: Shion Sono and Yoshiki Takahashi ("Cold Fish")

Best Actor: Stellan Skarsgård ("Somewhat Gentle Man")

Best Actress: Martina Gusman ("Carancho")

Horror Shorts

Best Horror Short: "Legend of Beaver Dam," Jerome Sable

Honorable Mention - Best Potential: "Deus Irae," Pedro Cristiani

Fantastic Shorts

Best Fantastic Short: "Sorry...I Love You," Leticia Dolera

Animated Shorts

Best Animated Short: "Teclópolis," Javier Mrad