FESTIVALS: Flaherty Experiences Down South, Part I: Editing and History

by James Kreul

Over 100 filmmakers, curators, and academics converged on the Duke University campus on Friday, June 4th for the 45th Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, which continues through next Thursday. This year's seminar, titled "Outtakes Are History," will highlight the editing process of various filmmaking practices. Flaherty attendees are required to attend all screenings and discussions, and films are only screened if the filmmaker is present. This has lead to a tradition, often referred to as the "Flaherty Experience," which features spirited discussions about the state of independent, documentary, and experimental filmmaking.

Attendees I have met so far have ranged from student filmmakers, to successful producers in mid-career, to true legends in the field. As I unpacked, cinema-v