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by Alena Chinault
December 20, 2011 3:47 PM
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FilmFunds and Duran Duboi U.S. to Offer 3D Conversion Services for Popular Films

FilmFunds announced today that they have acquired independent company Duran Duboi U.S. as a part of their new production arm. FilmFunds will combine their own technology with Duran Duboi's patented 3D LiveFlix technology to poll audiences on what popular films they would most like to see in 3D and offer conversion services.

“While popular films like "Star Wars" and "Titanic" will soon be coming out in 3D, there are many others that have a built-in audience, if only studios and filmmakers had an easy-to-use, crowd-sourcing social marketing tool to prove it.  Now they do," said FilmFunds Co-Founder and Chairman Carl Freer in a statement.

Full press release:

Los Angeles (December 20, 2011) – Having launched a production arm to help bring promising new films to market, FilmFunds today announced the acquisition of Duran Duboi US, an independent California-based company whose patented 3D LiveFlix technology, combined with FilmFunds’ own digital crowd-sourcing technology, will allow FilmFunds to poll public opinion on the most popular films audiences want to see in 3D, then offer conversion services to content owners.  Its acquisition of Duran Duboi US moves FilmFunds a significant step closer toward becoming a one-stop shop for filmmakers.

FilmFunds has also placed a formal bid for Duran Duboi France, currently in Chapter 11.  The company, headquartered near Paris and part of Quinta Industries, is the internationally renowned visual effects company behind such hit films as "Alien: Resurrection," "Amelie," "La Vie En Rose," "A Very Long Engagment", "Crank," "Hannibal Rising," "Underworld" and "Black Gold."  In its bid, FilmFunds has ensured the completion of outstanding projects undertaken by Duran Duboi France, including the Luc Besson-produced film "The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart."  FilmFunds’ bid is structured to continue a quarter-century of visual expertise and deliver expert post-production and visual effects services to the website’s filmmakers.

With the in-house ability to convert 2D projects to 3D, and access to more than 60 million movie fans, FilmFunds will ask its members: Are the right movies being made in 3D?  Which movies do you want to see in 3D?  Voting by the FilmFunds community will determine the most popular projects for conversion and, based on this enthusiastic audience, the company will approach studios and other content owners – with both the data to prove an audience for a 3D version of the film, as well as the conversion technology.  FilmFunds aims to partner with studios on a project by project basis to bring promising 3D films to life.

“While popular films like "Star Wars" and "Titanic" will soon be coming out in 3D, there are many others that have a built-in audience, if only studios and filmmakers had an easy-to-use, crowd-sourcing social marketing tool to prove it.  Now they do.  FilmFunds looks forward to working with content owners to help identify and convert the most beloved 2D films for 3D-hungry audiences everywhere,” offered FilmFunds Co-Founder and Chairman Carl Freer, a respected technology entrepreneur and visionary.

With the acquisition of Duran Duboi US, its president, Christian Paris, will transition to vice president of FilmFunds, helping to approach online content distributors like Netflix, as well as traditional distributors, in supporting 3D-converted projects.  “I look forward to marrying our proprietary technology with that of FilmFunds, which truly offers a 21st-century solution for filmmakers,” said Paris.  Having spent ten years  as a U.S. representative for various European visual effects and sound technology companies, in 2010 he launched 3D LiveFlix, which recently provided the 3D conversion for "Conan the Barbarian."

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