FilmGate Interactive
FilmGate Interactive

Now in its second year, FilmGate Interactive, the interactive film festival and technology conference produced by Indie Film Club Miami, has scheduled a series of events which will showcase the latest ideas and innovations of transmedia storytelling. The event will take place from February 1-5, 2014 in various South Florida venues.

Offering a mix of interactive events, with film and technology at the core, the 2014 lineup will feature:

CNTL/ALT/DANCE Transmedia Dance Performances curated by Pioneer Winter
This interactive dance program includes Drive-In Voyeur and Romantic Endings. Choreographed by Pioneer Winter and produced by Indie Film Club MIami. Drive-In Voyeur is an interactive performance that reflects on the time of late 1950s and early 1960s popularity of the drive-in movie using movement, contemporary dance and video projection. Romantic Endings pairs favorite romantic death scenes with contemporary dance performances and a curated food experience created by a surprise Miami Chef. The experience and professional "hand holders" are supplied. In TRPL QUINCE, quince being the traditional Hispanic coming-of-age/coming-out party for 15-year-old girls, the flamboyantly outrageous Cuban-American performer-choreographer-producer Octavio Campos is throwing himself not one but three quinces in a single performance. However, TRPL Quince, which will have its third showing at FilmGate 2014, looks nothing like the usual elaborately costumed party. Instead, Campos addresses a roiling mass of issues: his Cuban family’s refusal to accept his homosexuality and his desire to be an artist; the sometimes-troubled history of the men in his family; his reasons for making art; the looming challenges of middle age and mortality.

PBS POV Digital Story Hackathon Story Hack

PBS POV Digital, television’s longest-running showcase of independent nonfiction film, will host a Story Hack Workshop. The workshop precedes a two-day weekend Story Hack, where seven creative groups compete for the chance to get funded.

TAKE 5 Short Film Contest FREE Outdoor Screening and Bike-In

The 15 top finalist of TAKE 5, a short film contest that encouraged South Florida residents to rant and rave about Miami, will showcase final entries for a chance to win a $1,000 cash prize and an Indie Film Club Miami membership.

First Annual FILM WALK™

The first annual FILM WALK™ is a community building initiative that takes place throughout various locations. Interactive exhibits, performances and screenings by South Florida’s film festivals and community organizations come together for this celebration of visual storytelling.

A Vincent Moon Retrospective

OKO, Carnets de Russie/The Other Russia is a series of short films shot in Russia in 2012, focusing on the music of the ethnic minorities of this huge land. Far from the clichés we tend to have about the country, the films uncover rare music from the Caucasus republics of Ossetia, Chechnya, Dagestan, as well as from the Buddhist land of Kalmykia and the northern republic of Karelia.  Vincent Moon will appear live through SKYPE for the Q&A at the end of the screening.  His first visit to Miami in June 2014, will complete the retrospective and will culminate with a master class.

Hierarchy of the Lost Children

The secretive HIERARCHY OF THE LOST CHILDREN cult will open itself to Miami audiences, with an immersive event that challenges your beliefs through all of your senses. Take part in demonstrations of the cult’s recruitment techniques. Dig deeper into the cult’s secrets through interactive side missions. Witness a rare initiation ritual. Watch the feature film that reacts to the audience in real time and changes with each screening. Resist if you can, but one of you will join us. Created by Mark Harris, a writer, software architect and filmmaker focused on immersive and interactive storytelling, who is currently a partner in the immersive entertainment studio Murmur.

The Interactive New Technology Playground

Curated by Midtown, Video, the Interactive Tech Playground is a new and original way to exhibit new technology, created for the content producers of tomorrow. It is a truly immersive experience for the attendees, including a live set, with actors and art objects.  Includes exhibitors such as Sony, Arri/Alexa, Schneider Optics, Canon, Kessler Cranes, Manfrotto, etc.
The Skype Show or See You in August

In November of 2010, Jody Christopherson and Michael de Roos formed the indie-folk-beatbox-rock band Greencard Wedding in Crown Height Brooklyn. In December of 2012, Michael's visa ran out. He moved back to Holland and Jody and Michael discovered they couldn't harmonize via Skype. But they could write a play. And music. . . and maybe get an artist visa. This transmedia musical is an exploration of the ways technology can enable us to transcend boundaries, uniting artists with each other and their audience.
3-Day Master Class with Digital Image Creator Philip Bloom: Making the Eco Doc

Philip Bloom, British filmmaker and one of the world’s best digital image creators, leads a three-day master class, Make the Eco Doc. Limited to 24 pre-selected participants, the group will be shooting and editing their own narrative eco documentary short. Presented in partnership with the Love the Everglades activist group, the hosted excursion will include a shuttle bus and an airboat ride into the world heritage site and home of 36 different threatened species, The Everglades, a wildlife haven and a home of the Miccosukee Tribe.

The Journal of Insomnia, an Interactive Experience presented by the National Film Board of Canada

The Net never sleeps. It is always daytime somewhere—and nighttime somewhere else. The Internet is insomnia. A Journal of Insomnia invites insomniacs to collaborate in a web-based reflection on what keeps them up at night. This interactive documentary offers an utterly original encounter with a disorder that affects one in three people in the developed world. In September 2012, insomniacs around the world began sharing their stories on Thousands have contributed webcam testimonies, written accounts and original artwork—material that forms the heart of A Journal of Insomnia. The National Film Board of Canada will summon us to an appointment with sleeplessness that provides arresting new perspectives on contemporary existence and the anxiety that so often underscores our days—and our nights.

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