You've heard of the Black List, now here's the Blue List. New York City's Columbia University has announced its list of six exceptional unproduced screenplays they'll support.

The competition was started by Columbia Film MFA students and screenwriters Tesia Walker and Emily Shesh, who modeled their idea after the Black List, which highlights exceptional unproduced screenplays in Hollywood, many of which are eventually developed into acclaimed features. Previous Black List selections include "Juno," "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," and "In Bruges."

The scripts were selected by a panel which included Glenn Close, Michael Mann, screenwriter/producer Simon Kinberg, UTA Agent Peter Benedek, WME agent Tom Wellington, screenwriter Jim Hart, producer Dan Powell, producer Jenette Kahn, manager Dan Halsted, manager George Heller, Preferred Content agent Abby Davis, Preferred Content partner Ross M. Dinerstein, and NBC executive Joey Chavez.

Walker and Shesh hope that the six screenplays (four features, two TV pilots) will bring talented Columbia writers to the attention of Hollywood. Given the amount of screenplays out there, it's heartening to see such a prestigious school and list of industry veterans trying to give them a boost. The full list is below.

The 2014 Columbia Blue List (descriptions courtesy of the Blue List)

"The Archer" (feature) by Casey Schroen

A gay teenage girl escapes from a sadistic troubled-teen boot camp in the middle of nowhere and must battle the violent disciplinarians who pursue her through the surrounding wilderness.

"Big Girls" (original pilot) by Shukree Tilghman

In order to save her job as a legendary but aging women’s college basketball coach, Pam Ellis reluctantly enlists Amy Washington, a troubled but highly touted recruit from the hardscrabble, unpaved streets of southern Missouri. Through their tumultuous relationship, they discover that winning games is not about rescuing the program, but saving each other.

"A Death in the Andes" (feature) by Nicholas Greene

In a desperate attempt to save his mother from illness, Carlos, a fiery salt miner from the Bolivian highlands, seeks out his estranged uncle in the city of La Paz, where they try to abduct Charlotte, a headstrong American doctor.

"Gifted + Talented" (original pilot) by Hannah Sanderson Buchner

In 2003, rival high school valedictorians Emma and Max were on top of the world, their futures bright and limitless. Ten years later, however, both have collapsed under the pressure of their promised greatness, and must return home to seek employment at the one place willing to hire those with almost no practical skills—the local temp agency. A comedy about the unexpected freedom of spectacular failure.

"Gone, June" (feature) by Matthew Tyler

June, 8-months pregnant from a sexual assault, confronts and kills her attacker, only to stumble upon the man’s 10-year-old son as she flees the scene.  Guilt-stricken and desperate, June takes the young boy with her on the road, and her run from the law soon turns into a search for the boy’s mother—and her own redemption.

"The Swimsuit Issue" (feature) by Randall Green

A high school freshman attempts to compete with the yearbook by creating the Westbury High Swimsuit Issue.