SnagFilms has teamed with IMDb’s Withoutabox International Film Festival Submissions System to provide filmmakers a free and automated method to submit their films for distribution consideration.

While Withoutabox works with hundreds of film festivals to create a streamlined submission process, SnagFilms is the first distributor to utilize the software.

The program began its soft launch about 90 days ago; since then, about 260 films have been submitted to SnagFilms for consideration.

Submissions are currently free.
All films qualify as long as they meet basic criteria that includes the filmmaker having the necessary rights to offer it for distribution. Also, films that include "hate speech, excessive violence, slanderous or libelous claims, or any other actionable offenses" will not be considered.

The SnagFilms site features free, sponsor-supported, on-demand viewing of more than 3,000 fiction and non-fiction titles; the films are also available through partners such as Comcast, Hulu, iPad, Kindle, Roku and Boxee. SnagFilms is the parent company of Indiewire.