Final Draft

Final Draft, Inc., the screenwriting software company, is celebrating 15 years in business with the Big Break Screenwriting Contest. Open for submission, the contest has expanded to include the Final Draft/New York Film Academy Fellowship in Writing for Film and TV. 

The fellowship, awarded to 11 film and television finalists, is structured to provide real-world training in Los Angeles for writers looking to hone their craft. Centered around a 12-week master class, one for television and one for film, the writers will get individualized instruction and mentoring, as well as first-hand insight into the entertainment industry. 

The contest also added awards for film genres such as action/adventure, comedy/rom-com, drama, family/animated, period/historical/war, sci-fi/fantasy, and thriller/horror. In television, prizes are awarded for best half-hour spec, half-hour pilot, hour-long spec, and hour-long pilot.

From these finalists, two grand prize winners are chosen, with a prize total of over $80,000, as well as the potential for production and/or representation. The early-bird deadline to enter is April 30th, the regular deadline is July 15th and the extended deadline is July 31st. Find out more information here.