Best Production Design: We get another three way race in this category -- this time between the theatrical sets of "Anna Karenina" and "Les Misersables," and the extensive CGI of "Life of Pi." Given the Academy has gone way of more computer-generated imagery as of late (and in general are clearly bigger fans of the film than the other two), we'll say "Pi."

Will win: "Life of Pi"
Could win: "Les Miserables" or "Anna Karenina"
Should win: "Anna Karenina"

"Anna Karenina."
Focus "Anna Karenina."
Best Costume Design: While it has a decent shot in production design, this is the only award that is truly "Anna Karenina"'s to lose. But a posthumous win for Eiko Ishioka and her work on "Mirror Mirror" is quite possible, as is throwing another bone to "Les Miserables."

Will win: "Anna Karenina"
Could win: "Les Miserables" or "Mirror Mirror"
Should win: "Anna Karenina"

Best Sound Mixing: This looks like a showdown between James Bond and "Les Mis." We give the slight edge to the latter, though hope the former might win anyway and give Greg P. Russell his first Oscar after 16 nominations.

Will win: "Les Miserables"
Could win: "Skyfall"
Should win: "Skyfall"

Best Sound Editing: This seems like the most possible place for the Academy to reward "Zero Dark Thirty," but it faces tough competition rom both "Skyfall" and "Life of Pi," the latter of which we're betting on to take this as part of its near-sweep of the technical categories.

Will win: "Life of Pi"
Could win: "Zero Dark Thirty" or "Skyfall"
Should win: "Zero Dark Thirty"