As November rears its (dreary) head, Indiewire has given its Oscar prediction charts an update, and while we're as confident as one can be at this time of year, the fact remains that five major films are still major question marks in this year's race.

There's usually always a few films that hold out until the last minute, avoiding fests like Toronto, Venice or New York and hoping to steal all the buzz at the last minute (last year it was namely "The Iron Lady," "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" and "War Horse," all of which ended with major nods -- despite the fact that few people seemed to like them).

This year, there's a quintet waiting in the wings that could totally alter the way this year's Oscar race seems to be going ("Argo" for the win?). They've all been reflected in the charts, but the truth is that it's all total guess-work. What do you think is the fate of the final five?


Release Date: November 23rd (but it'll be at AFI FEST first)
Distributor: Fox Searchlight
Director: Sacha Gervasi
Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, Scarlett Johannson, Toni Collette, Jessica Biel, James D'Arcy, Danny Huston

The Deal: A last minute addition to this year's race, "Hitchcock" has a secret weapon: It's about movies, and Oscar loves that. A year after "The Artist," "Hugo" and "My Week With Marilyn" all managed a bunch of major nods (and, in some cases, wins), "Hitchcock" (and to some degree, "Argo") aims to do the same with a movie about movies. One movie, to be exact. The film adapts Stephen Rebello's non-fiction book "Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of 'Psycho,'" and stars previous Oscar winners Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren as Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hitchcock. Fox Searchlight definitely seems to think it has something special, rushing it to theaters (it was shot this Spring) in a clear bid for Academy gold.

Prediction: More of a "My Week With Marilyn" than a "The Artist," "Hitchcock" nabs a handful of nominations namely for acting (Hopkins and Mirren the most likely, but watch out of Johannson), but that's it.