Former Showtime executive Matt Riklin has launched the first company that will exclusively seek out and acquire remake rights for non-English language films. The new company, Bridge Films -- which is being financed with private equity -- employs 10 "agents," who will canvas Asia and Latin America as a whole and, individually in Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Spain, attending festivals and tracking box office. Acquired product will then be brought to U.S. studios. Bridge Films has already optioned remake rights to three films, including Dutch director Japp van Eyck's "Flirt," Toronto Film Festival '05 French thriller "In His Hands," by Anne Fontaine, and fellow Toronto '05 French feature "Backstage" by Emmanuelle Bercot. Several other titles are currently under negotiation as well, according to a company release. "Having been involved in the international marketplace over the years, I was always struck by the number of superb films produced around the world that never saw the light of day in the U.S.," said Riklin in a statement. "From a business perspective, it made sense to capitalize on the creative work already done, which can greatly shorten the time and investment required by American studios to bring these projects to the marketplace." [Brian Brooks]