"The Descendants"
Fox Searchlight "The Descendants"

After a successful mid-week launch on 5 screens, Fox Searchlight expanded Alexander Payne's "The Descendants" to 29 screens across the country Friday and saw some very strong results.

The film - which stars George Clooney in what many are noting as his best performance - grossed $318,638 on Friday, averaging $10,988 per theater. That suggests the film could gross close to $1 million by Sunday night, a very impressive feat considering its 29 screens.

The number shouldn't come as a surprise considering Payne and Clooney's history. It acually has a lot to live up to considering their past with limited debuts: Clooney's "Up In The Air" averaged $78,763 from 15 screens back in 2009, while Payne's "Sideways" managed $51,760 per its 4 screens in 2004.

Check back with Indiewire Sunday for a full report of "The Descendants" potential ascent to specialty box office glory.