"Moonrise Kingdom"
Focus "Moonrise Kingdom"
Do you two share similarities to the characters you portray?

Hayward: Well for myself, Suzy and I have a couple of similarities in there. She loves animals and reading, as do I. But otherwise we're very different people.

Gilman: Well Sam and I are also very, very different. Sam, he's a very, very outdoorsy kind of guy. He's a Khaki Scout! Me, I've always been indoorsy, nerd, movie buff kind of guy. In that sense we were very different. But I could relate to Sam in terms of fitting in. That whole growing up and fitting in kind of thing resonated with me.

Jared, have you ever been a boy scout?

Gilman: No, but now that I've made this movie I've come to appreciate them a bit better, a bit more.

Do you see yourself becoming one anytime soon?

Gilman: It's a possibility, but I'd be very bad at it. I'd be nowhere as good as my character.

"I would love to go into school with a bunch of badges and stuff, but my friends know me too well. They'd see right through that." -- Jared Gilman
Since I'm interviewing you two via phone I have no idea how you both are dressed. How much were you two influenced by the look Wes cultivated for "Moonrise," fashion wise?

Hayward: I think that the costumes, and really all of the looks are so much fun. On set I did my own hair and makeup, so whenever I like I can just re-channel Suzy through that. I do believe that now I've come to have a bit more 1960's feel to some of my clothing and the way that I dress.

Gilman: I like Sam's Khaki Scout uniforms. The badges are cool and that kind of thing. If it bled into my life…I don't know. I would love to go into school with a bunch of badges and stuff, but my friends know me too well. They'd see right through that.

My favorite scene is that montage that takes place between the two of you on the waterfront, where Sam and Suzy kiss for the first time, among other things. How was shooting that sequence?

Gilman: We spent a couple of weeks on the beach.

Hayward: It was gorgeous and very warm.

Gilman: The beach scene, the French kissing scene, do you notice how the background is very foggy? I'm not sure if you got it as you were watching the movie, but as were filming it, the fog really gave out this feeling of isolation. I thought it was really cool.

What did you two dance to? Was it the French ditty that they play in the film?

Gilman: Same one! They played it live for us.

Was the French kiss you two partake in the first one for the two of you?

Gilman: It was the first kiss.

So your first kiss was on screen?

Hayward: Well it was more the character's first kiss. It depends on how you look at it. It was just another scene, honestly.

Gilman: As soon as a character wants to do something, you can't argue with the character.