"Gay Sex" Hits San Francisco and NYC Theaters in November

by Ellen Keohane

A scene from Joseph Lovett's "Gay Sex in the 70s," which will open in New York and San Francisco in November. Image courtesy of the filmmaker.

Joseph Lovett's documentary "Gay Sex in the 70s" has secured distribution in theaters, on home video/DVD and cable television, Lovett announced yesterday. The film will be self-distributed by the director/producer's own Lovett Productions with support from Frameline, the film's educational partner, while Wolfe Video has secured home video/DVD rights for the film. "Gay Sex in the 70s" will have its theatrical premiere in New York and San Francisco on November 4, and will open theatrically in Los Angeles and other markets afterward.

Wolfe Video expects to release the home video/DVD of the film in 2006, and the Sundance Channel television plans to broadcast the film in 2007. Woo Jung Cho negotiated the deals for Lovett Productions, while Maria Lynn represented Wolfe Video and Christian Vesper represented the Sundance Channel.

Set in New York City, "Gay Sex in the 70s" candidly explores the "unbridled sexual passion and exploration" that marked the 12-year period from the Stonewall in 1969, which launched the modern gay-rights movement, until the first reported cases of AIDS in 1981. "With the new frontier of gay rights in front of us, the film captures an important period of time in the movement," said Lovett in a statement.

"Gay Sex in the 70s" premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and was recently featured at Frameline, the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, the Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, and Outfest in Los Angeles.