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GEN ART Releases Line-Up For 1997 Festival

By Indiewire | Indiewire March 21, 1997 at 2:00AM

GEN ART Releases Line-Up For 1997 Festival

GEN ART Releases Line-Up For 1997 Festival

The GEN ART Film Festival, which is slated to run April 22-28
at Manhattan's Angelika 57 theater, has announced the program for their
upcoming event. The schedule is as follows: at 8pm on April 22 (at Sony's
Lincoln Square Theater), Tim
Blake Nelson'"Eye Of God;" at 8pm on April 23, Arthur Borman's "Shooting Lily"
preceded by Ivy Brooks' short "Kiss & Tell;" at 8pm on April 24, Dan
Zukovic's "The Last Big Thing" preceded by Bill Tomlinson's short "Shaft Of Light;"
at 8pm on April 25, Frank Grow's "Love God" preceded by Steve
Moore's short "Redux Riding Hood;" at 8pm on April 26, Nick Veronis' "Day At The
preceded by RJ Cutler's short "Anita Liberty;" at 8pm on
April 27, Evan Brenner's "The Riddle" preceded by Tina DiFeliciantonio and
Jane C. Wagner's "Two Or Three Things But Nothing For Sure;" at 8pm on
April 28, Brian Flemming's "Hang Your Dog In The Wind" preceded by Kris
Isaacson's "Man About Town."

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