Gotham, Guess Partner To Present Indiefilm Tour

Last week, GUESS, Inc. announced that they will join NYC-based Gotham
to present the GUESS Independent Film Tour. The series of
screenings, running January to June, 1997, will distribute indie films to 200
colleges nationwide and will include a total of 600 screenings.

Among the films scheduled to participate in the tour are: Jim McKay's "Girls Town, Doug Pray's "Hype!", Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky's "Paradise Lost", and Iara Lee's "Synthetic Pleasures", among others. To promote the tour, GUESS will distribute postcards, CD soundtracks, and develop a website for updated screening locations and information.

In a prepared statement, Gotham Distribution VP Laura Oaksmith said, "GUESS's ongoing commitment to independent film through the sponsorship of this tour will allow us to bring these unique and thought-provoking films to the largest possible audience."

Gotham Entertainment is a TV and media company which was founded in 1995 by former Miramax executives Joel Roodman and Patrick McDarrah.