Grant wears a panda suit in the movie, and so, I was curious...Being a celebrity yourself, have you ever thought, “Man, I wish I could put on a panda suit for once and just walk out, having no one know who I am."

Yeah…I’m not kidding. Oh my God, all the time! It’s funny you actually asked that because tomorrow, I’m going to Comic-Con in San Diego. And I’ve actually never been but I hear it’s insanity. Have you ever been?

No I haven’t, but it is the place where a "Twilight" fan was killed just this week.

Yesterday, yup. Sad. Really sad. I mean, it was horrible.

So, I’ve never been, it’s supposed to be nuts, but there are people in costume everywhere! And I’m like, shit, I gotta walk around and do all this stuff. What I could do is, I could just throw on like a fucking Stormtrooper mask and walk around and no one would bother me at all! And then I won’t look weird at all! It’s sort of like Halloween. I love Halloween! You throw on a mask and walk around totally anonymous.

Is there any one person, if you could pick anyone, that you’d want to go up to and say something or do something crazy and have them not know it was you?

I don’t know…oh boy.

American Pie

Maybe punk any of your "American Pie"castmates?

That would be funny. Yeah, maybe, or like, go and punch one of my childhood tormentors and then just run away and they’d never know it was me.

What’s next for you?

Oh, did I tell you why I was going to Comic-Con? I’m going because I’m doing the voice of Leonardo in the new "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" series on Nickelodeon. So I’m pumped about that. And then I don’t know! I don’t know!

And okay, finally, because I promised you on Twitter we’d bond about this: "The Bachelorette"


That was me!

YES! Fuck yeah dude. Yeah, let’s talk about it. Who do you think wins?


I think Arie’s going to win.

I think Arie’s going to win, too. I think I called Arie—not physically called him—but picked him as my winner like four or five episodes ago, when it was like six or seven guys. But then my wife was like, he’s going to win from the very beginning and I was like, “Yeah, yeah.” And then like seven episodes later I had said it on twitter, Arie wins. But then, last week, for a second, I was like, is it going to be Jef? I was like, maybe it’s going to be Jef…but no, it’s going to be Arie? Right?

But here’s the thing about Arie—GAY? I just don’t know why I just realized this last week but I was watching last week and I was like, “Dude! He’s gay!” But he’s a racecar driver so he hides it well. Fuck man, I think Arie has to win, but I bet they don’t last.

They never last! I think once Chris Harrison split up with his wife, I gave up all hope on the franchise.

We’re all doomed! But I do love it man. I just Tweet it because it’s so easy to make fun of. I mean, these people are so ridiculous! The lengths they will go to for fame. The dudes with their v-necks, every fucking one of them wears a v-neck every week and her—Emily—the weekly transformation of her face? She’s turning into Heidi Montag. I mean, it’s unreal. It’s unbelievable. But now I’m like actually into the show and I’m like, “Fuck, man! Who’s going to win?” I can’t fucking wait to find out.