Ping Pong Summer, Susan Sarandon

Gravitas Ventures has acquired rights to Michael Tully's "Ping Pong Summer," which recently premiered in the NEXT section at the Sundance Film Festival. Gravitas will roll the film out theatrically and digitally early this summer.

The coming-of-age comedy starring Susan Sarandon, centers on an awkward teen who attempts to become a master breakdancer, ping pong player and ladies man all before the end of a summer break in 1985. The film is based on Tully's own childhood experiences.

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"Having been a fan of Tully's work, both as a filmmaker and as a writer at Hammer To Nail, I was still not prepared for what a truly joyous blast of a film 'Ping Pong Summer' turned out to be," said Gravitas VP of Theatrical Distribution Dustin Smith. "Anyone (i.e. me) who spent lonely teenage summers dreaming of rapping, breakdancing or even (gasp!) talking to a girl is going to love this movie. Plus, where else are you going to see Susan Sarandon wield a fish like a weapon?"