Heartland Film Fest Wraps Up; Honors 3 Indie Films and 6 Shorts in Awards Ceremony

by Jessica Shulsinger

The Heartland Film Festival in the heart of the country, Indianapolis, IN,
held its Gala Awards Dinner last weekend, drawing 1,200 people. The
festival's gala dinner happens to be the second largest event in
Indianapolis -- the largest, of course, being the Gala Awards for the INDY 500.
The Heartland Festival is designed to "recognize and honor filmmakers [who]
explore the human journey" through artistic expression emphasizing "hope
and respect for the positive values of life." At the awards dinner, the
winners of the Crystal Heart Awards were presented with over $100,000 in
cash -- among the largest amount in any U.S. festival.

The recipients are:

Features (each filmmaker received $15,000):

"Riding The Rails", Michael Uys and Lexy Lovell;

"Soulmates", Duane Clark;

"Wish Upon A Star", Blair True.


"The Touch", Adam Anderegg;

"The Spittin' Image", Janet Batchler;

"Walk This Way", Chris Sheridan;

"Champagne", Michael Sporn;

"Visas & Virtues", Chris Tashima;

"A Thousand Cranes", Selena McAfee.

The judges for this year's festival were Roger Courts, producer Jonathan
Dana ("The Spitfire Grill"), and Jeanne Jordan ("Troublesome Creek: A Midwestern").