Noah, Russell Crowe

 Here are the 10 articles most-read on Indiewire this week.

1. Writers, Here is How Not to Interview an Acclaimed Director

A writer recounts how poorly his interview with "Breathe In" director Drake Doremus went, and what he learned from the experience. A must-read for anybody who writes about movies.

2. 10 Directors Who Went from Indie Film to Studio Blockbuster (Part 1)

Part one of our list of filmmakers with big-budget studio pictures coming out this year who have a background in independent film.

3. Attention Documentary Filmmakers: Here Are 10 Upcoming Deadlines for Grants in Support of Documentary Filmmaking

For documentary filmmakers looking for funding (and who isn't?), check out this list of organizations offering grants for both international filmmakers and those in a specific region, as well as for various stages of production and outreach. Bookmark this page!

4. Cannes Wish List: 40 Films We Hope Make The Festival's 2014 Lineup 

Cannes is close to announcing their full lineup. Here are 40 films we hope make the cut.

5. Review: Darren Aronofsky's 'Noah' Is a Biblical Mess, But That's What Makes It Worth Talking About

Darren Aronofsky's costly passion project "Noah" finally comes out today after courting a ton of controversy. Read what Indiewire had to say about the finished product.

6. Charlotte Gainsbourg On Being Lars von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac': 'I was disturbed, embarrassed and a little humiliated...'

Charlotte Gainsbourg talks to Indiewire about reuniting with Lars von Trier for the most challenging role of her career in the director's new film, "Nymphomaniac."

7. If You're Not Watching Cartoon Network's 'Adventure Time,' Now's the Perfect Time to Start -- Here's Why

The headline says it all.

8. Happy Birthday Michael Haneke: Watch 4 Of His Best Films for Free Online 

Earlier this week, Michael Haneke celebrated his birthday. We toasted to the auteur by offering our readers free links to view four of his films.

9. 10 Directors Who Went from Indie Film to Studio Blockbuster (Part 2)

Part two of the list.

10. 10 Directors Who Went from Indie Film to Studio Blockbuster (Part 3) 

And part three.