Lindsay Burdge in "A Teacher"
Oscilloscope Lindsay Burdge in "A Teacher"

To celebrate the release of Hannah Fidell’s racy debut "A Teacher," that opened last Friday in theaters (it's also available to watch on demand and on iTunes), Oscilloscope Laboratories and Indiewire partnered up for a Back to School contest, with a grand prize of $1,000 to help pay down those pesky student loans. Participants were invited to share their stories about their most memorable teacher crush. To check out the entertaining entries go here.

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Below find the full list of winners:

Main Winner: Sarah Clark

And here are our runners up, who will receive prize packs:

Sex Elf -- Davy Walker

Beer in Hand -- Lauren Gariepy

Jefferson -- Milo Beitman

Nerdy -- Jarod Neece

Hot Italian -- Nicholas Weist

Congratulations to the winners!