"In the past, we've done more concert videos or captured live performances than documentaries," Mark Rupp, president and COO, SpectiCast told Indiewire. "But we felt that this band in particular has a very large and loyal fan base that we knew would want to see this film with other fans, so rather than try to take it out like a traditional documentary or regular feature program, we said let's eventize this thing and market it and promote it the same way we would an opera, a ballet or even a Rolling Stones concert. Even though there's not a lot of live performances in it, the story was very compelling." 

SpectiCast only requires exhibitors to screen the film one night, although some have booked it longer. The film will screen with a recently recorded, 30-minute Q&A conducted by VH1 Classics’ Eddie Trunk, that includes the entire band as well as  Argott. The Q&A will be shown at all theatrical and concert venue screenings.

The company is already working on distributing another documentary, "Super Duper Alice Cooper," a documentary which screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, for which it has worldwide theatrical rights (excluding Canada and Japan).

"It's a very nontraditional distribution model for a documentary film. We think this is how a lot of documentaries or indie films should be taken out - trying to eventize them by having the personalities involved in the film participate," said Rupp, who said he expects this model to catch on.

"Taking films that otherwise would get no theatrical distribution, we're willing to take a risk on some of them and promote them as one-night event cinema or alternative content programs," he said.

Argott also believes this model could work for other films -- especially ones with a built-in fan base. " I don't think this model will work for every film, but it will work for the right film...The whole idea of the limited screenings gives it an immediacy - it's like when a band plays for one night or two nights. Either you're going to see them or you're not going to see them," he said.

Watch the official trailer to "As The Palaces Burn" here: