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Here's How to Watch An Award-Winning Film (Starring Gaby Hoffman!) For Free

Photo of Brandon Latham By Brandon Latham | Indiewire July 29, 2014 at 6:24PM

"Lyle," which earned Gaby Hoffman Best Actress honors at Outfest, will stream for free as part of a crowd funding campaign for the filmmakers' next film.

Another day, another distributor coming up with creative ways to utilize video on-demand to bring their films to the world. This time the movie is "Lyle," a thriller starring Gabby Hoffman, which will be released on August 4th for free on its website, Skipping formal distribution routes to give the fans what they want might sound like a dream out of an indie movie subplot, but this plan was conceived by the filmmakers.

Writer/director Scott Throndike and producer Alex Scharfman will release their first female-centric horror film online for free in order to service the funding process for their next film. That project, a similar horror film, is entitled "Putney," and is being funded on Kickstarter, with a crowdfunding campaign running simultaneously to the release of "Lyle." This strategy is a new and bold one for independent filmmakers who are betting that the best way to advertise your ability to entice investors is to get people talking. 

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"Lyle" stars Hoffman as Leah, a pregnant lesbian who gradually comes to face terrors in her new home. An ode to "Rosemary's Baby," "Lyle" is a meticulous assault on a viewers emotions, as Leah gradually comes to question her partner and fear for the safety of her children, both born and unborn.

"I'm psyched to share 'Lyle' for free. I love the fact that anyone with an internet connection will be able to watch and I also love getting out some female-driven, female-perspective horror -- something I'm passionate about," said Thorndike in the press release. "The hope and dream and prayer is that people will like 'Lyle' and want to support our next project, 'Putney'."

Winning Hoffman the Grand Jury Prize for best actress at Outfest, "Lyle" has earned quite a bit of critical praise, especially for her electric performance. Check out the trailer below:

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