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Here's the List of All 284 Movies That Want to Be Considered for Oscars

As lists go, it can be a startling read. For every "Take Shelter"" there's a "Take Me Home Tonight;" for every "Drive," a "Drive Angry."

The Academy has released its full list of films that want to be considered for Oscars and as lists go, it can be a startling read.  For every "Take Shelter" there's a "Take Me Home Tonight;" for every "Shame" there's a "Shark Night 3D;" for every "Drive," a "Drive Angry."

The full list is also here.


All films that have qualified for consideration for 2011 Academy Awards in the non-specialized categories are listed alphabetically by title.

Voters making selections in their own branch categories list only film titles on their ballots, not the individuals responsible for the various achievements. For that reason, as well as for reasons of printing time and convenience of using this pamphlet, full credit rosters are not provided for the listed films.

An exception to the above exists in the four Acting categories, where simply listing titles would not provide enough voting information. Actors Branch members filling out their Nominations ballots must indicate both titles and the particular performers they are voting for. For that reason, the Reminder List provides a listing of up to fifty cast members for each film.

Pictures eligible in the Animated Feature Film, Documentary Feature and Foreign Language Film categories are also eligible in the Best Picture category, provided they meet the qualifications for the category. Foreign Language films are eligible for awards in other categories provided they meet the requirements of Awards Rules Two and Three.


Taylor Lautner. Lily Collins. Alfred Molina. Jason Isaacs. Maria Bello. Sigourney Weaver. Denzel Whitaker. Michael Nyqvist. Jake Andolina. Oriah Acima Andrews. Ken Arnold. Steve Blass. Derek Burnell. Ben Cain. Holly Scott Cavanaugh. Radick Cembrzynski. Richard Cetrone. Mike Clark. Jack Erdie. Rita Gregory. Tim Griffin. Nathan Hollabaugh. Mike Lee. James Liebro. Frank Lloyd. Christopher Mahoney. Emily Peachey. William Peltz. Elisabeth Rohm. Nickola Shreli. Victor Slezak. Antonique Smith. Roger Guenveur Smith. Adam Stanley. Art Terry. Ilia Volok. Cherokee Walker. Allen Williamson.
Matt Damon. Emily Blunt. Anthony Mackie. John Slattery. Michael Kelly. Terence Stamp. Donnie Keshawarz. Anthony Ruivivar. David Bishins. Lisa Thoreson. Florence Kastriner. Phyllis McBryde. Natalie E. Carter. Chuck Scarborough. Jon Stewart. Capt. Gregory P. Hitchen. Darrell James LeNormand. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. Kar. RJ Konner. Susan D. Michaels. Gregory Lay. Lauren Hodges. James Carville. Mary Matalin. Amanda Mason Warren. Sandhi Santini. Laurie Dawn. Christine Lucas. Betty Liu. Jim Edward Gately. Don Hewitt, Sr.. Venida Evans. Kyoko Bruguera. David Gregoire. Julie Hays. Fabrizio Brienza. Kate Nowlin. Rob Yang. Jennifer Ehle. Johnny Cicco. Pedro Pascal. Michael Boyne. Sarah Bradford. Pete Epstein. Brian Haley. Kirsty Meares. Laura Kenley. Jessica Lee Keller. Kieran Campion.
Jamie Bell. Andy Serkis. Daniel Craig. Nick Frost. Simon Pegg. Toby Jones. Mackenzie Crook. Daniel Mays. Gad Elmaleh. Joe Starr. Enn Reitel. Tony Curran. Sonje Fortag. Cary Elwes. Phillip Rhys. Ron Bottitta. Mark Ivanir. Nathan Meister. Sebastian Roche. Kim Stengel. Mohamed Ibrahim. Sana Etoile.
Glenn Close. Mia Wasikowska. Aaron Johnson. Janet McTeer. Pauline Collins. Brenda Fricker. Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Brendan Gleeson. Maria Doyle Kennedy. Antonia Campbell Hughes. Mark Williams. James Greene. Bronagh Gallagher. John Light. Serena Brabazon. Michael McElhatton. Dolores Mullally. Bonnie McCormack. Phyllida Law. Kenneth Collard. Judy Donovan. Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Emerald Fennell. Daniel Costello. Angeline Ball. Philip O'Sullivan. Katie Long. Katie O'Brien. Mark Doherty. Rhys Burke. Lauren Kinsella. Katie Ann McDonough. Kathleen Warner Yates. Cate Mac Gabhann. Antoinette Healy. Annie Starke. Cathy White. Malcolm Blacow. Lily Melcher. Lucie Melcher. Raul Riva.
ANIMATION VOICEOVERS. Miroslav Krobot. Marie Ludvikova. Karel Roden. Leos Noha. Alois Svehlik. Tereza Voriskova. Jan Sedal. Miloslav Marsalek. Jiri Strebl. Marek Daniel. Klara Meliskova. Jan Vondracek. Karel Zima. Thomas Zielinski. Martin Mysicka. Marek Pospichal. Ondrej Maly. Simona Babcakova. Ivan Trojan. Vaclav Neuzil. Jan Holik. Tobias Jirous. Lenka Zogatova. Jan Nebesky. David Svehlik. Tomas Bambusek. Krystof Plasil. Marek Matejka. Lukas Kral. Stanislav Majer. Jan Jankovsky. Krystof Rimsky. Zuzana Stavna. Ondrej Jezek. Jan Zalud. Martin Bohadlo. Mardi. Pavel Turek. Miroslav Sedlbauer. Tomas Dianiska. Frantisek Kriz. Stepanka Ludvikova.
Jason Lee. David Cross. Jenny Slate. Justin Long. Matthew Gray Gubler. Jesse McCartney. Amy Poehler. Anna Faris. Christina Applegate. Alan Tudyk. Michael Northey. Sophia Aguiar. Lauren Gottlieb. Tera Perez. Andy Buckley. Chad Krowchuk. Luisa D'Oliveira. Tucker Albrizzi. Nelson Wong. Michael Karman. Amber- Rochelle DeMarco. Marcela Caceres. Natalie Sutcliffe. Ian Harmon. Phyllis Smith.
Arthur Acuna. Irma Adlawan. John Arcilla. Merlin Bonning. Sai Ho Cheng. Raymart Colestines. Ermie Concepcion. Chris Cooper. Dane DeHaan. Garret Dillahunt. Miguel Faustmann. Brian Lee Franklin. Joe Gruta. J.P. Jagunos. Ronnie Lazaro. Rio Locsin. Diana Malahay. Raul Manikan. Spanky Manikan. Pen Medina. Raul R. Morit. Lucas Neff. James Obenza. Jemi Paretas. James Parks. Bodjie Pascua. DJ Qualls. Lady Jane Rellita. Bembol Roco. Bill Tangradi. Stephen Monroe Taylor. Joel Torre. Ka Chun Tsoi. Yul Vazquez.
Rhys Ifans. Vanessa Redgrave. Joely Richardson. David Thewlis. Xavier Samuel. Sebastian Armesto. Rafe Spall. Edward Hogg. Sam Reid. Jamie Campbell Bower. Trystan Gravelle. Helen Baxendale. Mark Rylance. Derek Jacobi. Paolo De Vita. Robert Emms. Tony Way. Julian Bleach. Alex Hassell. James Garnon. Jasper Britton. Michael Brown. Ned Dennehy. John Keogh. Lloyd Hutchinson. Vicky Krieps. Paula Schramm. Amy Kwolek. Luke Taylor. Isaiah Michalsky. Timo Huber. Richard Durdan. Shaun Lawton. Detlef Bothe. James Clyde. Christian Sengewald. Jean-Loup Fourure. Viktoria Gabrysch. Axel Sichrovsky. Katrin Pollitt. Patricia Grove. Laura Lo Zito. Gode Benedix. Nic Romm. Henry Lloyd-Hughes. Patrick Diemling. Patrick Heyn. Nino Sandow. Craig Salisbury. Rainer Guldener.
Brit Marling. Matthew-Lee Erlbach. DJ Flava. William Mapother. Meggan Lennon. AJ Diana. Bruce Colbert. Paul Mezey. Ana Valle. Jeffrey Goldenberg. Joseph Bove. Jordan Baker. Flint Beverage. Robin Lord Taylor. Bruce Winant. Natalie Carter. Richard Berendzen. Shannon Maliff. Stephanie Le Blanc. Jasmine Andrade. Kara Tweedie. Kumar Pallana. Ana Kayne. Yuval Segal. Diana Ciesla. Robert Phillips. Hollyce Phillips. Luis Vega. Rich Habersham. Jennifer Jaramillo. Ari Gold. Steve "Major" Giammaria. Rebecca Price.
Ellen Barkin. Kate Bosworth. Ellen Burstyn. Thomas Haden Church. Jeffrey DeMunn. Siobhan Fallon Hogan. George Kennedy. Ezra Miller. Demi Moore. Michael Nardelli. Diana Scarwid. Daniel Yelsky. Eamon O'Rourke. Lola Kirke. David Hirsch. Geoffrey Beauchamp. Laura Coover. Willy Vlasic. Sean Rogers. Patrick McDade. Brian Anthony Wilson. Christopher Lee Phillips. Jack Hoffman. Dan Usaj. April Rogalski. Lila Vivi. Jimmie Roach. Corrin Barnett. Nick McMahon.
Julie Benz. Dane Cook. Greg Germann. Zach Gilford. Kali Hawk. Elizabeth Mitchell. Erik Palladino. Barbara Hershey. Miranda Bailey. Vincent Ventresca. Mark Kelly. Tony Denison. Aja Volkman. Sam Page. Caitlin Gerard. Chuck McCollum. Anjul Nigam. Andrew Borba. Cassius Willis. Dan Epand. Rich Koehler. Elsa Raven. David Jackson. Hayes MacArthur. Jennifer Plante. Ric Barbera. Brian Palermo. Scott MacArthur. Karley Scott Collins. Leslie Durso. Frank Medrano. Sonya Eddy. John Griffin. Gillian Vigman. M.J. Karmi. George Gerdes. Kelvin Han Yee. Erika Hamilton. Joel Michaely. Jacqueline Pinol. Alan Rachins. Michael Yavnieli. Avery Kidd Wadell.
Warren Christie. Lloyd Owen. Ryan Robbins. Mike Kopsa. Andrew Airlie. Kurt Runte. Jan Bos. Kim Wylie. Noah Wylie. Ali Liebert. Erica Carroll.
ANIMATION VOICEOVERS. Tacho Gonzalez. Alvaro Guevara. Mabel Rivera. Raul Dans. Montse Davila. Chelo Diaz. Isabel Vallejo. Carolina Vazquez. Xermana Carballido. Paco M. Barreiro. Ana Macineiras. Charo Pena. Xavier Perdiz. Antonio Rey. Miguel Lopez Varela. Anton R. Olmos. Ana Lemos. Matias Brea. Oscar Fernandez. Beatriz Garcia. Andres Bellas. Yamile Lavin. J. Angel Rosado "Gelos".
Freddie Highmore. Emma Roberts. Michael Angarano. Elizabeth Reaser. Sam Robards. Jarlath Conroy. Ann Dowd. Marcus Carl Franklin. Sasha Spielberg. Rita Wilson. Blair Underwood. Maya Ri Sanchez. Ann Harada. Andrew Levitas. Alicia Silverstone. Dan Leonard. Sophie Curtis.
Russell Brand. Helen Mirren. Greta Gerwig. Luis Guzman. Geraldine James. Nick Nolte. Jennifer Garner. Christina Calph. Murphy Guyer. Jose Ramon Rosario. John Hodgman. Scott Adsit. Evander Holyfield. Peter Van Wagner. Robert Clohessy. Ed Herbstman. Jared Parker. Tom Toner. Richard Bekins. Matt Malloy. Nigel Barker. Tuffy Questell. Sara Chase. Ali Reza Farahnakian. Kimberly Pauley. Brian McElhaney. Charlie Hewson. Peter Brouwer. Saul Stein. Stink Fisher. Debbie Lee Jones. Pascal Yen-Pfister. Dylan Clark Marshall. Steve Rosen. Leslie Hendrix. George Feaster. Ed Jewett. John Carrafa. Jennie Eisenhower. Sean G. Tarjoto. Pamela Holden Stewart. Skai Jackson. Tori Feinstein. Jackson T. Nicoll. Caden Draper. Jase Draper.
ANIMATION VOICEOVERS. James McAvoy. Hugh Laurie. Bill Nighy. Jim Broadbent. Imelda Staunton. Ashley Jensen. Marc Wootton. Laura Linney. Eva Longoria. Ramona Marquez. Michael Palin. Sanjeev Bhaskar. Robbie Coltrane. Joan Cusack. Rhys Darby. Jane Horrocks. Iain McKee. Andy Serkis. Dominic West. Peter Baynham. Cody Cameron. Kevin Cecil. Kevin Eldon. Rich Fulcher. Bronagh Gallagher. Pete Jack. Danny John-Jules. Emma Kennedy. Stewart Lee. Seamus Malone. Kris Pearn. Alan Short. Sarah Smith. Adam Tandy. Miggie Donahoe. Finlay Duff. Rich Hall. Clint Dyer. Donnie Long. Jerry Lambert. Deborah Findlay. David Schneider. Ian Ashpitel. Julia Davis. Kerry Shale. Tamsin Greig. Alistair McGowan.
Jean Dujardin. Berenice Bejo. James Cromwell. Penelope Ann Miller. Malcolm McDowell. Missi Pyle. Beth Grant. Ed Lauter. Joel Murray. Ken Davitian. John Goodman. Bitsie Tulloch. Basil Hoffman. Bill Fagerbakke. Nina Siemaszko. Stephen Mendillo. Dash Pomerantz. Beau Nelson. Alex Holliday. Wiley Pickett. Ben Kurland. Katie Nisa. Katie Wallick. Hal Landon, Jr.. Cleto Augusto. Sarah Karges. Sarah Scott. Maize Olinger. Ezra Buzzington. Fred Bishop. Stuart Pankin. Andy Milder. Bob Glouberman. David Cluck. Kristian Falkenstein. Matt Skoller. Annie O'Donnell. Patrick Mapel. Matthew Albrecht. Harvey Alperin. Lily Knight. Clement Blake. Tasso Feldman. Chris Ashe. Adria Tennor. Cletus Young. Mark Donaldson. Brian Williams. Andrew Ross Wynn. Jen Lilley.
Lily Holleman. Gayla Goehl. Najarra Townsend. CaroleAnne Johnson. Michael Robert Kelly. James Maslow. Bree Essrig. Ryan Kidd. Jana Winternitz. Nikki Limo. Bernard X. Kopsho. Paul Carafotes. Billy St. John. Charlotte White. Annette Phillips. Sean Fitzgerald. Robb Steinhauser. Emmeline Kim. Vanessa Wolf. James Pabst. Shad Harris. Michael Sheppard. Christina Sawyer. Danielle C. Carlson. Mary L. Juhasz. Matthew Sheppard. Donovan Phillips. Devyn Howard. Mona Molayem. Sophie Nikfarjam. Jocelyn R.C.. Chris Donnelley. Mackenzie Stith. Shayna Stuart. Kyle Cooper. Amir Malaklou. Patrick Sullivan. Patrick Vincent Upstill. Chris Juhasz. Christina Welsh. Janice Jackman.
Taylor Schilling. Grant Bowler. Matthew Marsden. Edi Gathegi. Jsu Garcia. Graham Beckel. Jon Polito. Patrick Fischler. Rebecca Wisocky. Michael Lerner. Neill Barry. Christina Pickles. Joel McKinnon Miller. Armin Shimerman. David Doty. Rob Brownstein. Geoff Pierson. Paul Johansson. Steven Chester Prince. Navid Neghaban. Craig Tsuyumine. Annabelle Gurwitch. Jan Morris. Ethan Cohn. Christopher Mur. Jack Milo. Matt O'Toole. David Goryl. Nikki Klecha. Daisy McCrackin. Sylva Kelegian. June Squibb. Michael O'Keefe. Mercedes Connor. Josephine Rene. Olivia Preseley. Clay Bunker. January Welsh. Latasha Muhammad. Frank Cassavetes. Maia Tarin. Derric Nugent. Jeff Cockey. Travis Seaborn. Marissa Welsh. Ron Provencal. Christopher Karl Johnson. Katherine M. O'Connor. Kim Swennen. Mel Fair.
John Boyega. Jodie Whittaker. Alex Esmail. Franz Drameh. Leeon Jones. Simon Howard. Luke Treadaway. Jumayn Hunter. Danielle Vitalis. Paige Meade. Sammy Williams. Michael Ajao. Nick Frost. Maggie McCarthy. Gina Antwi. Natasha Jonas. Flaminia Cinque. Selom Awadzi. Adam Buxton. Haneen Hammou. Paisley Thomas. Jacey Salles. Yvonne D'Alpra. Karl Collins. Joey Ansah. Adam Leese. Lee Long. Jermaine Smith. Dylan Charles. David Cann.


Cameron Diaz. Justin Timberlake. Lucy Punch. John Michael Higgins. Jason Segel. Phyllis Smith. Thomas Lennon. Molly Shannon. Eric Stonestreet. Dave (Gruber) Allen. Matthew J. Evans. Kaitlyn Dever. Jillian Armenante. Kathryn Newton. Igal Ben Yair. Aja Cheyenne Bair. Andra Nechita. Noah Munck. Finneas O'Connell. Daniel Castro. Adrian Kali Turner. Paul Bates. Jeff Judah. Nat Faxon. Stephanie Faracy. David Paymer. Alanna Ubach. Christine Smith. Paul Feig. Deirdre Lovejoy. Melvin Mar. Rose Abdoo. Jerry Lambert. Jennifer Irwin. Christopher Rockwell. David Doty. Rick Overton. Danny Trapp. Matt Besser. Lee Eisenberg. Bruno Gioiello. Jordan Van Vranken.
Aaron Eckhart. Michelle Rodriguez. Ramon Rodriguez. Bridget Moynahan. Ne-Yo. Michael Pena. Lucas Till. Cory Hardrict. Adetokumboh M'Cormack. Jim Parrack. Will Rothhaar. Neil Brown, Jr.. Noel Fisher. Taylor Handley. James Hiroyuki Liao. Gino Anthony Pesi. Joey King. Bryce Cass. Jadin Gould. Kenneth Brown, Jr.. Joe Chrest. E. Roger Mitchell. Rus Blackwell. Susie Abromeit. Brandi Coleman. Elizabeth L. Keener. Jessica Heap. David Jensen. Stacey Turner. Tom Hillmann. Lena Clark. Jamie Norwood. Todd Cochran. Nzinga Blake. Taryn Southern. Jim Dever.
Vanessa Hudgens. Alex Pettyfer. Mary-Kate Olsen. Peter Krause. LisaGay Hamilton. Dakota Johnson. Erik Knudsen. Neil Patrick Harris. Justin Bradley. Karl Graboshas. Jonathan Dubsky. David Francis. Rhiannon Moller-Trotter. Steve Godin. Gio Perez. Roc Lafortune. Miguel Mendoza. Julie Dretzin.

Maria Bello. Michael Sheen. Alan Tudyk. Moon Bloodgood. Kyle Gallner. Austin Nichols. Meat Loaf Aday. Logan South. Bruce French. Gregory H. Alpert. Deidrie Henry. Kelli Kirkland Powers. David Lipper. Nigel Gibbs. Brooke Lyons. Michael Call. Cody Wai-Ho Lee. Jessie Usher. Davidson Park. Caleb Pearson. Joshua Shannon. Darren O'Hare. Myra Turley. Bella King. Drake Kemper. Kylie Anderson. Tor Campbell. Judith DiGiacomo. Joe Dioletto. Mary Jane Gibson. Stephen Murano. Josephine Ullrich. Philip Zurfluh.
Mel Gibson. Jodie Foster. Anton Yelchin. Jennifer Lawrence. Cherry Jones. Riley Thomas Stewart. Zachary Booth. Jeffrey Corbett. Baylen Thomas. Sam Breslin Wright. Kelly Coffield Park. Michael Rivera. Kris Arnold. Elizabeth Kaledin. Matt Lauer. Jon Stewart. Terry Gross. Folake Olowofoyeku. Lorna Pruce. Bill Massof.
Ewan McGregor. Christopher Plummer. Melanie Laurent. Goran Visnjic. Kai Lennox. Mary Page Keller. Keegan Boos. China Shavers. Melissa Tang. Amanda Payton. Luke Diliberto. Lou Taylor Pucci. Bambadjan Bamba. Hana Hwang. Samuel T. Ritter. Jennifer Lauren. Reynaldo Pacheco. Jodi Long. Bruce French. Leslie Shea. Michael Chieffo. Jennifer Hasty. Rodney Saulsberry. June Sanders. Catherine McGoohan. Terry Walters. Lana Young. Algerita Lewis. Regina Redwing. Sunday Burke. Patrick L. Birkett. Sabera Wise. Rafael J. Noble. Jose Yenque. T.G. Cody. Patrick Scott. Ton Suckhasem. Charles Valentino. Seth Walker. Michael Wilhelms.
Demian Bichir. Jose Julian. Dolores Heredia. Joaquin Cosio. Nancy Lenehan. Tim Griffin. Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo. Gabriel Chavarria. Bobby Soto. Chelsea Rendon. Trampas Thompson. Valorie Hubbard. Isabella Rae Thomas. Carlos Linares. Robert Peters. Richard Cabral. Isabella Balajadia. Giselle Nieto. Luis A. Colocio. Ray Moreno. Yelyna De Leon. Rolando Molina. Taide Acosta. Joe Renteria. Isidro Vallin. Magi Avila. Henry Ambriz. Miguel Alejandro Gaxiola. Jorge Arturo Gaxiola. Robert Renderos. Charles Currier. Marlon Correa. Adrian Mojica. Todd Felix. J. Eddie Martinez. Jason Medwin. Tom Schanley. Abraham Chaidez.
Antonio Banderas. Thomas Kretschmann. William Fichtner. Sienna Guillory. Autumn Reeser. Jimmi Simpson. Bill Duke. James Van Der Beek. Rebecca Mader. Robert Maillet. Snoop Dogg. Delroy Lindo. Sam Elliott. Robert Ernie Lee. Rachel Handler. Sean Cook. Tracy Culp. Khanh Doan. Keith MacGeagh.
Martin Lawrence. Brandon T. Jackson. Jessica Lucas. Portia Doubleday. Tony Curran. Ana Ortiz. Sherri Shepherd. Michelle Ang. Emily Rios. Henri Lubatti. Lorenzo Pisoni. Max Casella. Marc John Jefferies. Brandon Gill. Zack Mines. Trey Lindsey. Ken Jeong. Susan Walters. Susan Griffiths. Brianne Gould. Dawntavia Bullard. Mari Morrow. Susie Spear. Lily Chambers. Jasmine Burke. Juliet Kim. Brian LaFontaine. Ramsey Luke. Jazmia Battle. Christiani Pitts.
Steve Martin. Jack Black. Owen Wilson. Brian Dennehy. Anjelica Huston. Rashida Jones. Rosamund Pike. Dianne Wiest. JoBeth Williams. Anthony Anderson. Corbin Bernsen. Barry Shabaka Henley. Joel McHale. Tim Blake Nelson. Jim Parsons. Kevin Pollak. Nate Torrence. Steven R. Weber. Zahf Paroo. John Cleese. Paul Campbell. Cindy Busby. Greg Kean. Eva Allan. Bill Dow. June Squibb. Craig Bockhorn. Joey Aresco. Ryan Caltagirone. Al Roker. Christopher Mann. Jan Bos. Kate Gajdosik. William Samples. Scott Patey. Marci T. House. Michael Bean. Chris Redman. Devon Weigel. Andrew Wilson. Gabrielle Rose. Calum Worthy. Doreen Ramus. Terence Kelly. Steve Darling. Jon Frankel. David Lewis. Kath Dugray. Jesse Moss. Morgan Brayton.
Sam Shepard. Eduardo Noriega. Stephen Rea. Magaly Solier. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Padraic Delaney. Dominique McElligott. Luis Bredow. Cristian Mercado. Daniel Aguirre. Martin Proctor. Maria Luque. Raul Beltran. Luis Aduviri. Claudia Coronel. Erika Andia. Shirley Torres. Jorge Hidalgo. Daniel Arce. Fernando Gamarra. Victor Orihuela. Julio Mita. Delia Fabian. Fernando Pericon. Marcos Soto. Fernando Peredo. Rodolfo Calahumana. Alex Teran. Alice Guimaraes. Karen MaySunga. Paola Ona. Tania Watoro. Ismael Suarez. Cristian Bautista. Ariel Ramos. Froilan Paucara. Maria Quispe. Andres Celili. Alan Celili. Marcos Yucra. Andres Marquez. Sandra Rivero. Emmanuel Espiritu. Eddy Aramayo. Maximiliano Ortega. Mario Flores.
Kris Kristofferson. Frances Conroy. Dwight Yoakam. Reece Daniel Thompson. W. Earl Brown. Hilarie Burton. Sheila Kelley. Barry Corbin. Brent Briscoe. Afemo Omilami. Gill Gayle. Val Kilmer. Hilary Duff. Mark Jeffrey Miller. Tonya Watts. Bear Adkisson. Claudia Church. John Churchill. Samantha Talbott. Wynema Brown. David Ferguson. Ben Acland. Hank Williams III. Jill Chapman. Carter Godwin. River Stevens. Colton Stevens. Bill Ladd. Michael Proctor. Robbie Beck. Wyatt Wooddell. Rance Howard. Jilon Ghai. Travis Nicholson. Brett Gentile. Fred Gill. Elizabeth Omilami. Barbara Weetman.

Kristen Wiig. Maya Rudolph. Rose Byrne. Chris O'Dowd. Melissa McCarthy. Wendi McLendon-Covey. Ellie Kemper. Jill Clayburgh. Matt Lucas. Rebel Wilson. Michael Hitchcock. Terry Crews. Tom Yi. Elaine Kao. Kali Hawk. Joseph A. Nunez. Greg Tuculescu. Steve Bannos. Hugh Dane. Franklyn Ajaye. Tim Heidecker. Lynne Marie Stewart. Andy Buckley. Molly Buffington. Matt Bennett. Nancy Carell. Melanie Hutsell. Eloy Casados. Jessica St. Clair. Dana Powell. Mitch Silpa. Annie Mumolo. Ben Falcone. Angelica Acedo. Mia Rose Frampton. Joel Madison. R.F. Daley. Jordan Black. David Hoffman. Jillian Bell. Ariane Price. Frederik Hamel. Richard Riehle. Jimmy Brogan. Carnie Wilson. Chynna Phillips. Wendy Wilson.
Sam Riley. Andrea Riseborough. Phil Davis. Sean Harris. Nonso Anozie. Craig Parkinson. Maurice Roeves. Steve Evets. Geoff Bell. Steven Robertson. Andy Serkis. John Hurt. Helen Mirren. Francis Magee. Adrian Schiller. Pauline Melville. Mona Goodwin. Kerrie Hayes. Lexy Howe. Harry Lloyd-Walker. Dennis Banks.
Nick Swardson. Christina Ricci. Edward Herrmann. Kevin Nealon. Don Johnson. Stephen Dorff. Miriam Flynn. Ido Mosseri. Nick Turturro. Curtis Armstrong. Mario Joyner. Tyler Spindel. Meredith Giangrande. Mary Pat Gleason. Jackie Sandler. Dana Min Goodman. Michael O'Connell. Brandon Hardesty. Adam Herschman. Pauly Shore. Beverly Polcyn. Gene Pompa. Julia Lea Wolov. Brandon Cournoyer. Jonathan Loughran. Keegan Michael Key. Tembi Locke. Owen Benjamin. Selma Stern. Raf Mauro. Henry T. Yamada. Kelvin Han Yee. John Kirk. Hans Molenkamp. Kelsey Crane. Peter Dante. Monty Hoffman. Pasha Lychnikoff. Joey Coco Diaz. Payman Benz. J.D. Donaruma. Shane Ralston. Chris Titone. Jesse Jane. Kirsten Berman. Robert Harvey. Danni Katz. Danny Abeckaser. Lindsay Gareth. Michael Bernardi.


Chris Evans. Tommy Lee Jones. Hugo Weaving. Hayley Atwell. Sebastian Stan. Dominic Cooper. Toby Jones. Neal McDonough. Derek Luke. Bruno Ricci. JJ Feild. Kenneth Choi. Richard Armitage. Stanley Tucci. Samuel L. Jackson. Lex Shrapnel. Michael Brandon. Martin T. Sherman. Natalie Dormer. Oscar Pearce. William Hope. Nicholas Pinnock. Marek Oravec. David Bradley. Leander Deeny. Sam Hoare. Simon Kunz. Kieran O'Connor. Jenna-Louise Coleman. Sophie Colquhoun. Doug Cockle. Ben Batt. Mollie Fitzgerald. Damon J. Driver. David McKail. Amanda Walker. Richard Freeman. Katherine Press. Sergio Covino. Marcello Walton. Vincent Montuel. Fabrizio Santino. Maxwell Newman. Anatole Taubman. Jan Pohl. Erich Redman. Rosanna Hoult. Naomi Slights. Kirsty Mather. Megan Sanderson.
Ricardo Darin. Martina Gusman. Carlos Weber. Jose Luis Arias. Fabio Ronzano. Loren Acuna. Gabriel Patricio Almiron. Jose Espeche. Federico Silva. Christian De Asis. Jose Ramirez. Claudia Gargiulo. Maria Soledad Bravo. Graciana Chironi. Miguel Angel Olivera. Maria Luz Morteo. Eduardo Peralta. Susana Varela. Federico Esquerro. Rene Meriles. Jorge Norberto Suarez. Daniela Gorosito. Paco Alvarez Pilco. Hector Bordoni. Jose Maria Rivara. Gustavo Leiva. Matias Anchorena. Fernando Garin. Mariana Casalins. Guillermina Ruiz Diaz. Mariel Fiorito. Daniela Lobianco. Jesus Tola. Isidora Cabezon. Rumpi. Patricio Ferreira. Carlos Cardozo. Pablo Trapero. Pablo Galarza. Nestor Quinones. Claudio Monetti. Francisco Acosta. Julian Juarez. Dario Valenzuela. Victor Verdejo. Roberto Maciel. Pino Siano. Rocio Robles. Martin Trapero. Carmen Chironi.
Jodie Foster. Kate Winslet. Christoph Waltz. John C. Reilly. Elvis Polanski. Eliot Berger. Joe Rezwin. Nathan Rippy. Tanya Lopert. Julie Adams.
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Beth Broderick. Ashley Rickards. JR Bourne. Greg Germann. Reno. Denise Y. Dowse. Aramazd Stepanian. Peter Binswanger. Jon Shestack. Jay Sincere. Matt Grillo Russell. Laura Nielson. Angela Grillo. Sheridan M. Cole. Marisa Laurence. Ming Cho. Tamaira Danyluk- Noriega. Fonda Jefferson. Maynor Lopez. Oscar Ornela, Jr.. Brooke Star. Michael E. Wise. Judy Mora. Scarlet Walker. Tomica Baquet. Kristina Hornbek. Tommy Martin. Paul B. Price. Elaine Hall. Matthew Derba. Shannon Latimer. Beny C. Valde. Virginia B. Valde. John Yonover. Matthew Yonover. Cannelle Causse. Casey Martin. Jason Rodgers. Jordan Roberts. Ashley Saunders. Ruben Gonzalez. J.B. Popplewell. Peter Blanchett. Lauryn King. Enrique Zaldua. Charles Larson. Salvatore Camarillo. Luke Rothschild. Zachariah Palmer.
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ANIMATION VOICEOVERS. Elijah Wood. Robin Williams. Hank Azaria. Alecia Moore (P!nk). Brad Pitt. Matt Damon. Richard Carter. Common. Sofia Vergara. Magda Szubanski. Hugo Weaving. Anthony LaPaglia. Carlos Alazraqui. Lombardo Boyar. Jeff Garcia. Johnny Sanchez III. Ava Acres. Benjamin "Lil P-Nut" Flores, Jr.. Meibh Campbell. Lee Perry. Jai Sloper. Oscar Beard. Danny Mann. E.G. Daily. Gary Eck. Imogen Trowell. Jordan Prosser. David Arnott. Robin Atkin Downes. Sarah Aubrey. Veena Bidasha. Denise Blasor. Holland Broggie. Catherine Cavadini. Rob Coleman. Warren Coleman. Will Collyer. Karissa Corday. Mason Vale Cotton. Django Craig. John Demita. Liza De Weerd. Dashel Eck. Rosa Fernandez. Charlie Finn. Aaron Fors. Pat Fraley. Nicolette Gani. Lillian Groag. Monica Guzman.
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PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES Johnny Depp. Penelope Cruz. Ian McShane. Geoffrey Rush. Kevin R. McNally. Sam Claflin. Astrid Berges- Frisbey. Stephen Graham. Richard Griffiths. Greg Ellis. Oscar Jaenada. Keith Richards. Damian O'Hare. Anton Lesser. Roger Allam. Judi Dench. Christopher Fairbank. Paul Bazely. Bronson Webb. Richard Thomson. Yuki Matsuzaki. Robbie Kay. Steve Evets. Ian Mercer. Deobia Oparei. Gemma Ward. Sebastian Armesto. Juan Carlos Vellido. Tristan Laurence Perez. Norberto Moran. Gerard Monaco. Tyrone Lopez. Luke Roberts. Daniel Ings. Emilia Jones. Patrick Kennedy. Jody Halse. Clifford Rose. Paul Hunter. Jorgelina Guadalupe Airaldi. Brea Berrett. Toni Busker. Sanya Hughes. Daphne Joy. Antoinette Nikprelaj. Derek Mears. Danny Le Boyer. Kitt Barrie. Stephen Morphew. Alan Utley-Moore.

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Topher Grace. Anna Faris. Dan Fogler. Teresa Palmer. Chris Pratt. Michael Biehn. Lucy Punch. Demetri Martin. Michael Ian Black. Seth Gabel. Nathalie Kelley. Candace Kroslak. Ryan Bittle. Robert Hoffman. Edwin Hodge. Jay Jablonski. Kimberly Dearing. Jeanie Hackett. Michelle Trachtenberg. Bob Odenkirk. Angie Everhart. Wade Allain-Marcus. Bruce Nelson. James Sharpe. Erin Eisenhower. Clement Von Franckenstein. Jennifer Sommerfield. Kyle Gonnell. Dustin James. Joe Jones. Richard Meek. Megan Mieduch. Meghan Stansfield. Diana Newton. Ginnifer Goodwin. Alicia De La Vega. Michael Rolland. Josh Smith. David Vincent Merenda. Annie Boon. Dany Wolf. Wil Daly. Roxanne Lauren Knouse. Richie Keen. Darla Haun. Chien Yang.
Michael Shannon. Jessica Chastain. Shea Whigham. Katy Mixon. Ray McKinnon. LisaGay Hamilton. Robert Longstreet. Kathy Baker. Tova Stewart. Natasha Randall. Ron Kennard. Scott Knisley. Heather Caldwell. Sheila Hullihen. John Kloock. Maryanna Alacchi. Jacque Jovic. Bob Maines. Charles Moore. Pete Ferry. Molly McGinnis. Angie Marino-Smith. Isabelle Smith. Tina Stump. Ken Strunk. Maryann Nagel. Hailee Dickens. Guy Van Swearingen. William Alexander. Joanna Tyler. Stuart Greer. Jake Lockwood. Kim Hendrickson. Bart Flynn. Nick Koesters. Jeffrey Grover.
Jacob Wysocki. Creed Bratton. Olivia Crocicchia. Bridger Zadina. Mary Anne McGarry. Justin Prentice. Curtiss Frisle. John C. Reilly. Tim Heidecker. Tara Karsian. Diane Louise Salinger. Lisa Hoover. Jenna Gavigan. Jessica Stone. Jamie Lee Redmon. Robert Towers. Eddie Pepitone. Josh "The Ponceman" Perry. Melanie Abramoff. Nelson Mashita. Jeffrey Noah Silcock. Nate Sanchez. Francisco "Kico" Pedrasa. Logan Holladay.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Joel Edgerton. Ulrich Thomsen. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Eric Christian Olsen. Trond Espen Seim. Kristofer Hivju. Stig Henrik Hoff. Jorgen Langhelle. Paul Braunstein. Kim Bubbs. Jonathan Lloyd Walker. Jo Adrian Haavind. Jan Gunnar Roise. Carsten Bjornlund. Tom Woodruff, Jr.. Ole Martin Aune Nilsen. Michael Brown.
Jesse Eisenberg. Danny McBride. Aziz Ansari. Nick Swardson. Michael Pena. Bianca Kajlich. Dilshad Vadsaria. Fred Ward. Samuel Johnston. Jack Foley. Elizabeth Wright Shapiro. Brett Gelman. Paul Tierney. Staci Fletcher. Gary Brichetto. Ilyssa Fradin. Grace Heemstra. Torey Adkins. Rebecca Cox. Rick Irwin. Sam Tedesco. Wayne Bibbs. Jamaal Hines. Joseph Lyman. David Fleischer. Lucas Fleischer. Matthew Sullivan.
Chris Hemsworth. Natalie Portman. Tom Hiddleston. Stellan Skarsgard. Kat Dennings. Clark Gregg. Colm Feore. Ray Stevenson. Idris Elba. Jaimie Alexander. Tadanobu Asano. Joshua Dallas. Rene Russo. Anthony Hopkins. Adriana Barraza. Maximiliano Hernandez. Richard Cetrone. Darren Kendrick. Josh Coxx. Justice Jesse Smith. Joseph Gatt. Luke Massy. Matthew Ducey. Jason Camp. Buddy Sosthand. Blake Silver. Jamie McShane. Dale Godboldo. Patrick O'Brien Demsey. Jim Palmer. Seth Coltan. J. Michael Straczynski. Ryan Schaefer. Matt Battaglia. Stan Lee. Joel McCrary. Isaac Kappy. Juliet Lopez. Rob Mars. Carrie Lazar. Harley Graham. Alexander Wright. HiIary Pingle. Shawn-Caulin Young. Kinsey McLean. Kelly Hawthorne. Dakota Goyo. Ted Allpress.
Sophie Rois. Sebastian Schipper. Devid Striesow. Angela Winkler. Winnie Bowe. Annedore Kleist. Alexander Horbe. Corinna Kirchhoff. Carina Wiese. Christina Grosse. Hannes Wegener. Marita Hueber. Edgar M. Bohlke. Hans-Uwe Bauer. Dominique Chiout. Michael Gerber. Thomas Neumann. Cornelius Schwalm. Maria Hartmann. Karl Alexander Seidel. Christian Steyer. Hans Hohlbein. Gertrud Roll. Klaus Hoser. Stefan Gohlke. Mario Wiemann. Nele Jonca. Ronald Schafer. Horst Mendroch. Marie Gruber. Sylvie Rohrer. Cedric Eich. Tino Mewes. Peter Atanassow. Rene Pollesch. Irene Rindje. Heide Simon. Katharina Maria Kagel. David Frickell. Iepe Rubingh. Michael Dorn. Karsten Dahlem. Jane Bertish. Patty Hannock. Alexander Scheer.
Logan Lerman. Milla Jovovich. Matthew Macfadyen. Ray Stevenson. Luke Evans. Mads Mikkelsen. Gabriella Wilde. James Corden. Juno Temple. Freddie Fox. Til Schweiger. Orlando Bloom. Christoph Waltz. Helen George. Christian Oliver. Markus Brandl. Dexter Fletcher. Jane Perry. Andy Gatherhood. Susanne Wolff. Ben Moor. Carsten Norgaard. Isaiah Michalski. Horst Kiss. Gudrun Meinke. Victoria Koestler. Yvonne Pajonowski. Nina Eichinger. Max Cane. Iain McKee. Gode Benedix. Hannes Wegener. Florian Bruckner.
Gary Oldman. Kathy Burke. Benedict Cumberbatch. David Dencik. Colin Firth. Stephen Graham. Tom Hardy. Ciaran Hinds. John Hurt. Toby Jones. Simon McBurney. Mark Strong. Svetlana Khodchenkova. Konstantin Khabensky. Roger Lloyd Pack. Christian McKay. Zoltan Mucsi. Peter Kalloy Molnar. Ilona Kassai. Imre Csuja. Arthur Nightingale. Amanda Fairbank-Hynes. Peter McNeil O'Connor. Matyelok Gibbs. Philip Hill-Pearson. Jamie Thomas King. Stuart Graham. Sarah-Jane Robinson. Katrina Vasilieva. Linda Marlowe. William Haddock. Erskine Wylie. Philip Martin Brown. Tomasz Kowalski. Alexandra Salafranca. Denis Khoroshko. Oleg Dzhabrailov. Gillian Steventon. Nick Hopper. Laura Carmichael. Rupert Procter. John le Carre. Michael Sarne. Jean Claude Jay. Tom Stuart.
Ben Stiller. Eddie Murphy. Casey Affleck. Alan Alda. Matthew Broderick. Stephen McKinley Henderson. Judd Hirsch. Tea Leoni. Michael Pena. Gabourey Sidibe. Nina Arianda. Marcia Jean Kurtz. Juan Carlos Hernandez. Harry O'Reilly. Peter Van Wagner. Zeljko Ivanek. Lynne Rossetto Kasper. Annika Pergament. Clem Cheung. Robert Downey, Sr.. Max Russell Pratts. Nathan Malnik. Spencer Malnik. Jarod Malnik. Julie Vilanova. Cynthia Patsos. Kate Upton. Marilyn Kim. Judianny Compres. Omar Nicodemo. Dylan Ratigan. Allie Woods, Jr.. Johnny Tran. Monika Plocienniczak. James Colby. Edward Noone. Frank Pesce. Annie Park. Christina Calph. Kevin Pariseau. Desmin Borges. Jessica Szohr. Brian Distance. Village. Les Papp II. Michael Stratton. Christopher Arocho Rivaro. Craig Castaldo. Dwight "Heavy D" Myers. Veronika Korvin.
Shia LaBeouf. Josh Duhamel. John Turturro. Tyrese Gibson. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Patrick Dempsey. Kevin Dunn. Julie White. Ken Jeong. Alan Tudyk. Glenn Morshower. Lester Speight. John Malkovich. Frances McDormand. Buzz Aldrin. Bill O'Reilly. Ravil Isyanov. Dustin Dennard. Markiss McFadden, Jr.. Nick Bickle. Ajay James. Brett Lynch. Chris Robinson. Scott C. Roe. James Weston II. Brian Call. Aaron Garrido. Mikal A. Vega. Kenny Sheard. Josh Kelly. Keiko Agena. Lamonica Garrett. Yasen Peyankov. Brett Stimely. John Tobin. Drew Pillsbury. Patrick Pankhurst. Larry Clarke. Tom Virtue. Thomas Crawford. Kevin Sizemore. Alan Pietruszewski. Michael Daniel Cassady. Peter B. Murnik. Don Jeanes. Cory Tucker. Lindsey Ginter. David St. James. Mitch Bromwell. Elya Baskin.
Brad Pitt. Sean Penn. Jessica Chastain. Fiona Shaw. Irene Bedard. Jessica Fuselier. Hunter McCracken. Laramie Eppler. Tye Sheridan. Nicolas Gonda. Will Wallace. Kelly Koonce. Bryce Boudoin. Jimmy Donaldson. Kameron Vaughn. Cole Cockburn. Dustin Allen. Brayden Whisenhunt. Joanna Going. Finnegan Williams. Michael Koeth. John Howell. Samantha Martinez. Savannah Welch. Tamara Jolaine. Julia M. Smith. Anne Nabors. Christopher Ryan. Tyler Thomas. Michael Showers. Kim Whalen. Margaret Ann Hoard. Wally Welch. Hudson Long. Michael Dixon. William Hardy. Tommy Hollis. Cooper Franklin Sutherland. John Cyrier. Erma Lee Alexander. Nicholas Yedinak.
Clive Owen. Catherine Keener. Liana Liberato. Jason Clarke. Chris Henry Coffey. Joe Sikora. Spencer Curnutt. Aislinn Debutch. Olivia Wickline. Zoe Levin. Zanny Laird. Yolanda Mendoza. Shenell Randall. Noah Emmerich. Viola Davis. Jordan Trovillion. Brandon Molale. Tristan Peach. Ruth Crawford. Marty Bufalini. Inga Wilson. Jennifer Kincer. Mary Murphy. Sandro Carotti. Milica Govich. Jared Conrad. Sarab Kamoo. Lise Lacasse. Anthonia Kitchen. Wallace Bridges. Julia Glander. Lauren Hirte. DJ Coburger. Robert Axelrod. Brooke Bayless. Cassi Fitch. Lili Kaufman. Laura Niemi. Garrett Ryan. Noah Crawford. Miles A. Robinson. Deanna Fakhouri. Martin Malota. Jamal Johnson. Jay Siegel. Nathan Zylich. Pamela Washington.
Kristen Stewart. Robert Pattinson. Taylor Lautner. Billy Burke. Peter Facinelli. Elizabeth Reaser. Kellan Lutz. Nikki Reed. Jackson Rathbone. Ashley Greene. Michael Sheen. Anna Kendrick. Sarah Clarke. Christian Camargo. Gil Birmingham. Julia Jones. Booboo Stewart. Mia Maestro. Casey LaBow. Maggie Grace. MyAnna Buring. Ty Olsson. Christian Sloan. James Pizzinato. Ian Harmon. Gabriel Carter. Christian Serratos. Justin Chon. Michael Welch. Christopher Heyerdahl. Jamie Campbell Bower. Angelo Renai. Alex Rice. Paul Becker. Stephanie Moseley. Kiowa Gordon. Tyson Houseman. Chaske Spencer. Bronson Pelletier. Alex Meraz. Tinsel Korey. Tanaya Beatty. Sienna Joseph. Carolina Virguez. Sebastiao Lemos. Kimani Ray Smith. Tora Hylands. Mackenzie Foy. Ali Faulkner. Charlie Bewley.
Loretta Devine. Shad "Bow Wow" Moss. David Mann. Cassi Davis. Tamela Mann. Lauren London. Isaiah Mustafa. Rodney Perry. Shannon Kane. Teyana Taylor. Natalie Desselle Reid. Tyler Perry. Steven Wash, Jr.. Nicholas Milton. Benjamin "LB" Aiken. Philip Anthony- Rodriguez. Maury Povich. Stephen Caudill. Chandra Currelley. Palmer Williams, Jr.. Yakini Horn. James Farster. Ron Grant. Cindy L. Jefferson.
Peter Mullan. Olivia Colman. Eddie Marsan. Ned Dennehy. Sally Carman. Samuel Bottomley. Paul Popplewell. Sian Breckin. Archie Lal. Jag Sanghera. Mike Fearnley. Paul Conway. Lee Rufford. Robin Butler. Fiona Carnegie. Julia Mallam. Chris Wheat. Craig Considine. Robert Haythorne.


UNCLE BOONMEE WHO CAN RECALL HIS PAST LIVES Thanapat Saisaymar. Jenjira Pongpas. Sakda Kaewbuadee. Natthakarn Aphaiwonk. Geerasak Kulhong. Wallapa Mongkolprasert. Kanokporn Thongaram. Samud Kugasang. Sumit Suebsee. Mathieu Ly. Vien Pimdee. Akachai Aodvieng. Prakasit Padsena. Nikom Kammach. Chophaka Chaiyuchit. Winai Ruenrerng. Kumgieng Jittamaat. Miti Jittamaat. Phetmongkol Chantawong. Nuttapon Kemthong. Atapon Wernziw. Tongsit Rachasin. Thanabodee Laohawanich. Namthip Meaungmaha. Nitipong Thintubthai.

Liam Neeson. Diane Kruger. January Jones. Aidan Quinn. Bruno Ganz. Frank Langella. Sebastian Koch. Olivier Schneider. Stipe Erceg. Rainer Bock. Mido Hamada. Clint Dyer. Karl Markovics. Eva Lobau. Helen Wiebensohn. Merle Wiebensohn. Adnan Maral. Torsten Michaelis. Rainer Sellien. Petra Hartung. Michael Baral. Sanny Van Heteren. Ricardo Durner. Marlon Putzke. Herbert Olschok. Karla Trippel. Petra Schmidt-Schaller. Annabelle Mandeng. Janina Flieger. Fritz Roth. Heike Hanold-Lynch. Matthias Weidenhofer. Kida Khodr Ramadan. Peter Becker. Vladimir Pavic. Oliver Stolz. Oliver Lang. Sebastian Stielke.


Kal Penn. John Cho. Paula Garces. Danneel Harris. Tom Lennon. Danny Trejo. Elias Koteas. Eddie Kaye Thomas. David Krumholtz. Amir Blumenfeld. Patton Oswalt. Richard Riehle. Jordan Hinson. John Hoogenakker. Jake Johnson. Bobby Lee. Yasen Peyankov. Neil Patrick Harris. Melissa Ordway. RZA. David Burtka. Isabella Gielniak. Austin Bickel. Inga Wilson. Marvin Cruz. Allyson V. Lengers. Gabriel Anderson. Eric Kissack. Shirley Benyas. Esteban Cruz. Ashley Coss. Chloe Coss. Hannah Coss. Da'Vone McDonald. Tyler Nelson. Tom Kruszewski. Steven A. Clark. Bennett Saltzman. Hilary Anderson. Tristan Canning. David Rife. Dave Davies. Gabriella Dilone. Dana DeLorenzo. Brett Gelman. Dan Levy. Ripper Brown. Evan Mann. Gareth Reynolds. Cassie Keller.
Patsha Bay. Manie Malone. Hoji Fortuna. Marlene Longange. Diplome Amekindra. Alex Herabo. Angelique Mbumb. Nzita Tumba. Davly Ilunga. Tomas Bie. Romain Ndomba. Jordan N'tunga. Bavon Diana Landa. Sephora Francoise. Joseph Kashala. Celestin Nkiakiese. Elbas Manuana. Moise Ilunga. Jovial Mbenga. Richard Mashinda. Richard Manda. Starlette Mathata. Bebe Mukawa. Christenvi Sambu. Rabouni Nyomololo. Therese Saloumu. Boris Van Gils. Etats Unis. Mpoyi Kayola. Eugenie Makuta. Jonathan Kombe. Pablo Kiala Nyessi. Yves Bebeko. Gaby Mfundu. Monica Ngindu. Fofo Kaje. Eric Biansueki. Beby Midjoli. Arian Mutoke. John Adeseny. Renaud Kandolo. Sylvain Nguma. Sony Kabamba. Jean-Pierre Kabeya. Mamychou Mbungu. Lucie Kabemba. Benjamin Mabiala. Papy Ngenzo. Bob Ndala. Michel Mayoyo.


Abbie Cornish. Andrea Riseborough. James D'Arcy. Oscar Isaac. Richard Coyle. David Harbour. James Fox. Judy Parfitt. Haluk Bilginer. Geoffrey Palmer. Natalie Dormer. Laurence Fox. Douglas Reith. Katie McGrath. Christina Chong. Nick Smithers. Damien Thomas. Liberty Ross. Ryan Hayward. Charlotte Comer. Duane Henry. Anna Skellern. Penny Downie. David Redden. Alberto Vasquez. Nicole Harvey. Daniel Andre Pageon. Hywel Morgan. Patricia Stark. Annabelle Wallis. Audrey Brisson. Emily Denniston. Suzanne Bertish. Ben Willbond. Leigh Zimmerman. David Collins. Linda Glick. Gil Cohen Allono. Stephen Jones. James McNeill. Lisa Gherari. Vincent Montuel.
Emily Watson. David Thewlis. Peter Mullan. Niels Arestrup. Tom Hiddleston. Jeremy Irvine. Benedict Cumberbatch. Toby Kebbell. David Kross. Eddie Marsan. Nicolas Bro. Rainer Bock. Patrick Kennedy. Liam Cunningham. Celine Buckens. Leonard Carow. Matt Milne. Robert Emms. Hinnerk Schonemann. Gary Lydon. Geoff Bell. Sebastian Hulk. Gerard McSorley. Tony Pitts. Ifran Hussain. Pip Torrens. Philippe Nahon. Jean-Claude Lecas. Justin Brett. Seamus O'Neill. Pat Laffan. Michael Ryan. Peter McNeil O'Connor. Trystan Putter. Gunnar Cauthery. Julian Wadham. Anian Zollner. Michael Kranz. Hannes Wegener. David Dencik. Edward Bennett. Johnny Harris. Philip Hill-Pearson. Tam Dean Burn. Alan Williams. Thomas Arnold. Maximilian Brueckner. Markus Tomczyk. Peter Benedict. Callum Armstrong.
Joel Edgerton. Tom Hardy. Jennifer Morrison. Frank Grillo. Nick Nolte. Denzel Whitaker. Bryan Callen. Kevin Dunn. Maximiliano Hernandez. Sam Sheridan. Fernando Funan Chien. Jake McLaughlin. Vanessa Martinez. Carlos Miranda. Nick Lehane. Laura Kenley. Capri Thomas. Lexi Cowan. Noah Emmerich. Dan "Punkass" Caldwell. Timothy "Skyskrape" Katz. Julia Stockstad. Josh Rosenthal. Kurt Angle. Erik Apple. Anthony Johnson. Nate Marquardt. Roan Carneiro. Daniel Stevens. Anthony Nanakornpanom. Hans Marrero. Yves Edwards. Amir Perets. Anthony Tambakis. Jimmy Cvetic. Jace Jeanes. Jake Digma. Richard Fike. Andre Mason. James Houk. Aaron R. Kleiber. Raymond Rowe. Lambert R. Strayer. Roman Vasylyshyn. Jonathan Matthew Anik. Rashad Evans. Stephan Bonnar. Michelle Dawn Mooney. Tim Bickel. Jack Fischer.
Reese Witherspoon. Robert Pattinson. Christoph Waltz. Paul Schneider. Jim Norton. Hal Holbrook. Mark Povinelli. Richard Brake. Stephen Monroe Taylor. Ken Foree. Scott MacDonald. James Frain. Sam Anderson. John Aylward. Brad Greenquist. Tim Guinee. Donna W. Scott. E.E. Bell. Kyle Jordan. Aleksandra Kaniak. Ilia Volok. Bruce Gray. Jim Jansen. James Keane. Ivo Nandi. Karynn Moore. Andrew Connolly. Doug McDougal. Tracy Phillips. Rowan O'Hara.
Martin Sheen. Deborah Kara Unger. Yorick Van Wageningen. James Nesbitt. Tcheky Karyo. Angela Molina. Carlos Leal. Simon Andreu. Eusebio Lazaro. Antonio Gil. Spencer Garrett. Emilio Estevez. Romy Baskerville. Renee Estevez. David Alexanian. William Holden. Joe Torrenueva. Stephane Dausse. Patxi Perez. Joan Diez. Anthony Von Seck. Matt Clark. Jose Luis Molina. Jose Javier Ruiz. Omar Munoz. Alfonso Delgado. Victor Molero. Manu Calvo. Milagros Alcalde Diez. Maximiano Benito Nebreda. Santi Prego.
Matt Damon. Scarlett Johansson. Thomas Haden Church. Patrick Fugit. Colin Ford. Elle Fanning. Maggie Elizabeth Jones. John Michael Higgins. Angus MacFadyen. Peter Riegert. Stephanie Szostak. JB Smoove. Carla Gallo. Michael Panes. Kym Whitley. Todd Stanton. Lauren Sanchez. Roberto Montesinos. Desi Lydic. Erick Chavarria. Sam Fox. Dustin Ybarra. Ben Seeder. Alice Marie Crowe. Michelle Panek. Gary D. Robertson. Nicole Russell. Reid Peters. Taylor Victoria Cerza. Steve Bessette. Hal Alpert. Leslie Trotter. Steven Lee. Kate Yerves. Caroline Hanna. David Lopez. Benjamin Mee. Ella Mee. Milo Mee. Sammi Yorn. William Crowe. Curtis Crowe. Johnny Cicco. Alexia Barroso. Thomas R. Baker. David Dustin Kenyon. Shannah Barrett. Christie Kittelsen. Michelle Pickens. Gabriel Escalante.
Tilda Swinton. John C. Reilly. Ezra Miller. Jasper Newell. Rocky Duer. Ashley Gerasimovich. Siobhan Fallon Hogan. Alex Manette. Kenneth Franklin. Leslie Lyles. Paul Diomede. Michael Campbell. J. Mal McCree. Mark Elliot Wilson. James Chen.Lauren Fox. Blake Delong. Andy Gershenzon. Kelly Wade. Ursula Parker. Jason Shelton. Simon Maclean. Erin Maya Darke. Annie O'Sullivan. Georgia Lifsher. Aaron Blakely. Polly Adams. Suzette Gunn. Joseph Melendez. Rebecca Dealy. Louie Rinaldi. Johnson Chong. Kimberley Drummond. Leland Alexander Wheeler. Daniel Farcher. Jennifer Kim. Caitlin Kinnunen. J.J. Kandel. Maryann Urbano. J.J. Perez. Tah L. Von Allmen.
Tom Cullen. Chris New. Jonathan Race. Laura Freeman. Loretto Murray. Jonathan Wright. Sarah Churm. Vauxhall Jermaine. Joe Doherty. Kieran Hardcastle. Mark Devenport. Steve Blackman. Julius Metson Scott. Martin Arrowsmith. Caroline Woolley. Caroline Cawley.
Anna Faris. Chris Evans. Ari Graynor. Dave Annable. Joel McHale. Ed Begley, Jr.. Blythe Danner. Heather Burns. Eliza Coupe. Kate Simses. Tika Sumpter. Oliver Jackson-Cohen. Jacquelyn Doucette. Chris Pratt. Denise Vasi. Sondra James. Zachary Quinto. Jason Bowen. Danielle Perry. Tyler Peck. Mike Vogel. Martin Freeman. Andy Samberg. Nadine Jacobson. Colby Parsons. Thomas Lennon. Anthony Mackie. Lonnie Farmer. Ivana Milicevic. Aziz Ansari. Ed Jewett. Bronwen Booth. Ben Hanson. Elio Lo Russo. Dale Place. Alyana Barbosa. Molly Goldfarb. Jack Walsh. Henry J. Grabowski. Aaron C. Belyea. Carl Alleyne. Damon Carter. Jaime Galarza, Jr.. Johan Narsjo. Penni Layne. Steve Bankuti. Larry Jackson. Jon Bistline. Eliot M. Hunt. Eli T. Scheer.
Rachel Weisz. David Strathairn. Nikolaj Lie Kaas. Anna Anissimova. Roxana Condurache. Monica Bellucci. Vanessa Redgrave. Paula Schramm. Alexandru Potocean. William Hope. Rayisa Kondracki. Jeanette Hain. Benedict Cumberbatch. David Hewlett. Coca Bloos. Luke Treadway. Liam Cunningham. Anca Androne. Sergej Trifunovic. Vlad Ivanov. Florin Busuioc. Alin Panc. Victoria Raileanu. Dorotheea Petre. Rosabell Laurenti Sellers. Roxana Guttmann. Stuart Graham. Catherine McNally. Geoffrey Pounsett. Alexandra Radescu. Radu Binzaru. Zoltan Butuc. Ciprian Dumitrascu. Mihai Ghior. Sabrina Iaschevici. Cristina Cristian. Raluca Tataru. Bianca Neagu. Ion Sapdaru. Ionut Grama. Paul Jerricho. Demetri Goritsas. Pilou Asbaek. Adriana Butoi. Danny John-Jules. Bryan Jardine. Erwin Simsensohn.
Stephen Lang. Peter Riegert. Karen Allen. Nick Thurston. Geoff Wigdor. Leslie Murphy. Ken Jennings. Zachary Booth. Michael Drayer. Henry Zebrowski. Robbie Collier Sublett. Regan Mizrahi. Anthony Amorim. Jackie Martling. Jimmy Palumbo.
Paul Giamatti. Amy Ryan. Bobby Cannavale. Jeffrey Tambor. Burt Young. Melanie Lynskey. Alex Shaffer. Margo Martindale. David Thompson. Mike Diliello. Nina Arianda. Marcia Haufrecht. Sharon Wilkins. Clare Foley. Penelope Kindred. Sophie Kindred. Tim Ransom. Nicholas Somers. Jacqueline Brogan. Marceline Hugot. Michael Goodwin. Earl Baker, Jr.. Edmund Ikeda. Joseph Tiboni. Edwin Thompson. Pam Levine. Darren C. Goldstein. Michael D. Davey. Ann M. Hayes. Rudy Lanzillotta III. Christopher Lantz. Ryan Arnel. Kevin Antero. Chris Sarro. Dante Porrazzo. Dariusz Uczkowski. Chris Federlin. Nicholas "Nick" Labarbera. Nicholas Lopez. Quinn Knauer. Austin Ward. Jonathan Anderson. Delon Richards. Chris Loew. Dean Shmudy. John Goncalves.
ANIMATION VOICEOVERS. John Cleese. Jim Cummings. Bud Luckey. Craig Ferguson. Jack Boulter. Travis Oates. Kristen Anderson-Lopez. Wyatt Dean Hall. Tom Kenny. Jim Cummings. Huell Howser.

Fabrice Luchini. Sandrine Kiberlain. Natalia Verbeke. Carmen Maura. Lola Duenas. Berta Ojea. Nuria Sole. Concha Galan. Marie Armelle Deguy. Muriel Solvay. Audrey Fleurot. Annie Mercier. Michele Gleizer. Camille Gigot. Jean-Charles Deval. Philippe Duquesne. Christine Vezinet. Jeupeu. Vincent Nemeth. Philippe du Janerand. Patrick Bonnel. Laurent Claret. Thierry Nenez. Jose Etchelus. Jean-Claude Jay. Joan Massotkleiner. Ivan Martin Salan. Olivia Algazi. Alicia Robledo Fiestas. Patricia Morejon. Raquel Teliet. Anne-Charlotte Burnett. Maria De Goyeneche. Sophie Nicollas. Sophie Picciotto. Victoria Saez. Miriam Velazquez Tris.


James McAvoy. Michael Fassbender. Rose Byrne. Jennifer Lawrence. January Jones. Nicholas Hoult. Oliver Platt. Jason Flemyng. Lucas Till. Edi Gathegi. Kevin Bacon. Caleb Landry Jones. Zoe Kravitz. Matt Craven. Alex Gonzalez. Rade Sherbedgia. Glenn Morshower. Laurence Belcher. Bill Milner. Beth Goddard. Morgan Lily. Corey Johnson. Demetri Goritsas. Don Creech. James Remar. Ludger Pistor. Wilfried Hochholdinger. Greg Kolpakchi. Andrei Zayats. Ray Wise. Michael Medeiros. Olek Krupa. Yuri Naumkin. Gene Farber. David Agranov. Katrine de Candole. James Faulkner. Eva Magyar. Annabelle Wallis. Juan Herrera. Greg Savage. Jarid Faubel. Gregory Cox. Josh Cohen. David Crow. Kieran Patrick Campbell. Sasha Pieterse. Brendan Fehr. M. Ironside. Jason Beghe.


Charlize Theron. Patton Oswalt. Patrick Wilson. Elizabeth Reaser. Jill Eikenberry. Mary Beth Hurt. Collette Wolfe. Richard Bekins. Kate Nowlin. Jenny Dare Paulin. Rebecca Hart. Louisa Krause. Elizabeth Ward Land. Brian McElhaney. Hettienne Park. John Forest. Rightor Doyle. Brady Smith. Timothy Young. Erin Darke. Jee Young Han. Ella Rae Peck. Aleisha Lanae Allen. Matt Wilson. Orlagh Cassidy. Charles Techman. Emily Meade. Neil Hellegers. Michael Nathanson.
Alexander Fehling. Miriam Stein. Moritz Bleibtreu. Volker Bruch. Burghart Klaussner. Henry Hubchen. Hans Michael Rehberg. Josef Ostendorf. Christoph Heckel. Sebastian Kaufmane. Jonas Hien. Gerald Fiedler. Johann Adam Oest. Stefan Haschke. Xaver Hutter. Anna Bottcher. Johann Jurgens. Vitus Wieser. Anna Blomeier. Linn Reusse. Leonie Siegel. Gwendolyn Gobel. Maxine Gobel. Ansgar Gobel. Tristan Gobel. Oscar Weidner. Hans-Jurgen Muller-Hohensee. Catherine Flemming. Karl Karliczek. Melanie Schmidli. Neelesha BaVora. Andreas Schroders. Sven Pippig. Guido Lamprecht. Manolo Bertling. Conny Mews. Harald Hobinger. Christian Ehrich. Hilmar Eichhorn. Axel Milberg.
Danny McBride. James Franco. Natalie Portman. Zooey Deschanel. Justin Theroux. Toby Jones. Charles Dance. Damian Lewis. Rasmus Hardiker. Simon Farnaby. Deobia Oparei. BJ Hogg. Matyelok Gibbs. Angela Pleasence. Anna Barry. Amber Anderson. Stuart Loveridge. John Fricker. Rupert Davis. Julian Rhind-Tutt. Mario Torres. Noah Huntley. Ben Wright. Susie Kelly. Roma Tomelty. Brigid Erin Bates. Eilish Doran. Rene Greig. Kiran Shah. Simon Cohen. Graham Hughes. Zhaidarbek Junguzhinov. Nurlan Altayev. David Garrick. Dorian Dixon. Darren Thompson. David Thompson. Brian Steele. Ben Willbond. Phil Holden. Chris Burke. Sinead Burke. Tobias Winter. Paige Tyler. Rhian Sugden. Amii Grove. Madison Welch. Iga Wyrwal. Charles Shaughnessy.


Kevin James. Rosario Dawson. Leslie Bibb. Ken Jeong. Donnie Wahlberg. Joe Rogan. Nat Faxon. Tom Woodruff, Jr.. Cher. Nick Nolte. Adam Sandler. Sylvester Stallone. Judd Apatow. Jim Breuer. Jon Favreau. Faizon Love. Richie Minervini. Maya Rudolph. Bas Rutten. Steffiana De La Cruz. Nick Bakay. Jackie Sandler. Nick Turturro. Thomas Gottschalk. Brandon Keener. Robin Bakay. Gary Valentine. Tanner Blaze. Tim Gage. Gino Falsetto. Etienne Deneault. Katrina Begin. Matthew R. Staley. Michael Burton. Todd Zeile. Mookie Barker. Tara Giordano. Daniel Guire. Mark DellaGrotte. Ellen Colton. Barry Bernardi. Juston McKinney. Don Rickles. Garon Michael.

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