Like Crazy

This week, the Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner "Fruitvale Station" will open in theaters, but 23 past Sundance Grand Jury Prize winners are currently available to stream for free or with a subscription to one of the more popular streaming sites. 

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Take a trip through Sundance history with these sometimes beloved, sometimes forgotten Sundance winners from yesteryear.

U.S. Grand Jury Prize Dramatic


"The Trouble with Dick" (1987) on Vimeo

"What Happened Was" (1994) on Hulu

"Welcome to the Dollhouse" (1996) on Crackle


"You Can Count on Me"
(2000) on Amazon Prime

"Primer" (2004) on Netflix

"Forty Shades of Blue" (2005) on Redbox Instant

"Padre Nuestro" (2007) on Netflix

"Like Crazy" (2011) on Netflix

"Paris is Burning"
"Paris is Burning"

U.S. Grand Jury Prize Documentary


"American Dream" (1991) on Hulu

"American Movie" (1999) on Crackle

"God Grew Tired of Us" (2006) on Hulu

"We Live in Public" (2009) on Hulu


"Style Wars" (1984) on Netflix

"Paris is Burning" (1991) on Netflix

"Silverlake Life: The View from Here" (1993) on Hulu Plus

"Long Night's Journey into Day" (2000) on Hulu Plus

"Southern Comfort" (2001) on Hulu Plus

"Amandla!: A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony" (2002) on Snagfilms

"Capturing the Friedmans" (2003) on Hulu Plus

"Manda Bala" (2007) on Hulu Plus

"Restrepo" (2010) on Netflix

"How to Die in Oregon" (2011) on Netflix

"The House I Live In" (2012) on Netflix