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Lars von Trier to Direct an Action Film?

Photo of Brandon Latham By Brandon Latham | Indiewire May 19, 2014 at 1:12PM

"Nymphomaniac" Director Lars von Trier is reportedly talking about "making a Trier version of an action movie." He is presently preparing the release of his director's cuts of "Nymphomaniac I & II" and has been said to be working on writing a horror film.
Lars von Trier
Lars von Trier

With Danish director Kristian Levering stating last week that fellow Dane Lars von Trier is writing a Detroit-set horror film for Levering to direct, more and more hints are being dropped about the filmmaker's other upcoming projects. After a brief, non-speaking appearance at the Berlin Film Festival's "Nymphomaniac" press conference, its director von Trier has vowed not to discuss his plans with the media, and has actually stuck with his word. 

Veteran producer Peter Aalbaek Jensen recently told Screen Daily that von Trier is planning on moving into yet another genre: action. With brief flashes of action in his horror and disaster in previous efforts such as "The Kingdom," "Antichrist" and "Melancholia," it seems somehow fitting that the famed auteur would move full throttle into the action genre.

Lars von Trier's films have always flirted on the fringes or morphed genre, most clearly in "Melancholia," which actually divides itself into two parts to justify the jump from melodrama to apocalypse. Jensen said of the director's intentions, "He is talking about making a Trier version of an action movie." At this point, it can only be speculated about what exactly he would do with a "Trier version of an action movie," but be prepared, as always, for his distinctive flavor.

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