The 9th Annual Hollywood Film Festival, which ran October 18-23, recently announced its award recipients. George Lucas's "Star Wars: Episode III - The Revenge of the Sith," was voted Hollywood Movie of the Year by the public through the Yahoo! Movies and Entertainment Tonight Web sites. The Hollywood World Award went to Stephen Frears's "Mrs. Henderson Presents," about a woman who opens a theater featuring nude revues. The Best Feature Film award was given to "The Chef" ("Kocken"), directed by Mats Arehn, about an 18-year-old who signs on as a merchant vessel's assistant cook. Richard Trank's "Beautiful Music," about a blind and autistic Palestinian girl taught to create music by an American-born pianist, won for Best Documentary. Awarded Best Short Subject was "Svetlana's Journey," by Michael Cory Davis, about a 13-year-old who's sold into prostitution by her adoptive family. "The Mantis Parable," by Josh Staub, was chosen for Best Animated Short Subject. The film is about a caterpillar trapped in a bug collector's jar. [M.L. Liu]