Shia LaBeouf, Lars Von Trier

This "Lawless" press tour just keeps getting nuttier and nuttier thanks to aspiring indie stalwart Shia LaBeouf.

First he declared that he's cut ties with the big-budget studio system that made him a household name thanks to the "Transfomers" series; next he told MTV that he's willing to do anything Lars von Trier asks of him for the Danish auteur's next project, "Nymphomaniac," which will reportedly be shot in softcore and hardcore versions; and now the actor has revealed to Chelsea Handler (tongue firmly in cheek... we think) that he got the part after sending the director personal sex tapes.

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Despite what LaBeouf's been saying to the press, "Nymphomaniac"'s producers have confirmed that all sex scenes will be performed "with the help of body doubles and visual effects" -- clever wording on their part. What "the help" refers to is anyone's guess, so for all we know, LaBeouf might not be bluffing.

Watch him talk to Handler below: