Horizons/Frameline Gives $15,000 in Completion Funds to Four Projects

by Wendy Mitchell

A still from Shira Avni's short "John and Michael," one of four recipients of the 2003 Horizons/Frameline Completion Fund.

Frameline and Horizons have announced the recipients of the 2003 Horizons/Frameline Completion Fund, which was established more than 10 years ago to assist lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender filmmakers.

This year, the groups received 80 submissions, from which they selected four projects to receive the $15,000 in prize funds. The winning projects for 2003 are: "Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton's Cafeteria" directed by Victor Silverman and Susan Stryker, a documentary about a San Francisco coffee shop riot that sparked a miltant transgender movement in the late 1960s ($6000 award); "You Don't Know Jack," directed by Mary Jordan, about artist and filmmaker Jack Smith ($3000); "Zero Degrees of Separation," directed by Ellen Flanders, a doc about Israeli/Palestinian lesbian and gay couples ($3000); and "John and Michael," directed by Shira Avni, an animated children's short about a gay couple with Down's Syndrome ($3000).

"Each year we are so proud to see the films we have funded go on to top positions at mainstream festivals like Sundance, Berlin, and Toronto," said Frameline festival co-director Jennifer Morris in a prepared statement. "I am confident that we can expect great things from these four exciting new films."

Past recipients of the completion funds include "Brother to Brother," "Go Fish," "The Cockettes," and "The Brandon Teena Story."