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by Eric Kohn
December 16, 2013 3:51 PM
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AWARDS SPOTLIGHT: How 'Gloria' Proves the Chilean Film Scene Is Worth Your Attention

One of the great discoveries this year at the movies isn't a director or star -- it's both.

"Gloria," from filmmaker Sebastian Lelio, hit the festival scene earlier this year and garnered acclaim for its bittersweet tale of a middle aged woman played by Paulina Garcia in her first major film role.

To learn more about how the pair worked together and found success with the film, check out our page for them in our Awards Season Spotlight section, which includes video and original photography of the pair.

Learn about how the duo collaborated on bringing the character to life and why "Gloria" is the latest example of Chilé's thriving film community.

Lelio and Garcia are among the 16 actors and directors we're featuring over the next eight weeks with original photography by Daniel Bergeron and video shot by our partners at Movies On Demand.

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1 Comment

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