Decade: Mary Harron on "American Psycho"
A scene from Mary Harron's "American Psycho."

"Fatal Attraction"
There's no doubt, even twenty-seven years later, how big of a ripple effect this thriller had on every married man in America. Most of the credit is justifiably due to a stellar Oscar-nominated performance by Glenn Close, whose sultry bare-breasted performance was enticing enough to win over her male viewers, but whose quick turn to psychotic stalker was enough to instill a sense of terror and shame that will inevitably kill any possible romantic urge you might have.
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"American Psycho"
The film's touch of satire might get lost somewhere among its vulgarities and brutalities. Despite the array of beautiful women throughout the movie and the suave charm of Christian Bale's Patrick Bateman, there's no getting around the fact that the only thing less romantic in this world than the gruesome murders of innocent young women is watching grown men fondle their own business cards.
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"There Will Be Blood"
Daniel Day-Lewis' towering performance is never to be taken for granted, but even he can't make up for the long, dark, dreary story of oil prospecting in early 20th century that has him scaring the living daylights out of clueless townsfolk (when he's not just plain killing them off) or the fact that this movie is a sure way to remind someone how awful human beings can be – and how differently you'll drink a milkshake after watching it.
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"Super Size Me"
Documentaries are always a risky choice for romantic dates, but perhaps never riskier when watching a man you never heard of stuff his face on a daily basis with food that he is compelled to show you is disgusting. It's a great documentary, mind you, but for anyone who plans to follow up their movie with a romantic dinner, neurosis and nausea will inevitably abound.
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Maybe it's not fair to say that this is a terrible V-Day movie when there's never really a good day to see it, but between the unbelievable premise and the fact that it stars Tara Reid in an abysmal performance, "Sharknado" promises to disappoint on more levels than any romantic evening could possibly compensate for.
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