From the IDFA website, the nominees for this year's IDFA prizes are: For the VPRO Joris Ivens Award - the best long documentary: "China Blue" by Micha X. Peled (USA, 2005), "My Grandmother's House" by Adan Aliaga (Spain, 2005), and "Le Voyage des Femmes de Zartale" by Claude Mourieras (France, 2004). For the Silver Wolf, the award for the best short documentary: "Before flying back to the Earth" by Arunas Matelis, (Lithuania, Germany, 2005), "Chicken Elections" by Goran Radovanovic (Serbia, Montenegro, 2005) and "Svyato" by Victor Kossakovsky (Russia, 2005). And nominations for the First Appearance Award, the best debut, are: "The Angelmakers" by Astrid Bussink (Scotland, Hungary, The Netherlands, 2005), "Shadya" by Roy Westler (Israel, 2005) and "Try to Remember" by Jian Zhong (China, 2005).