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IFFCON 99 Participants

By Indiewire | Indiewire December 11, 1998 at 2:00AM

IFFCON 99 Producers/Projects:

IFFCON 99 Producers/Projects:

John Akahoshi, "Eagle Against the Sun"

Josh Aronson, "Sound and Fury"

David-Matthew Barnes, "Frozen Stars"

Elisabeth Bentley, "Rock and Roll Heroine"

Sasha Bogunovic, "Under the Bridge"

Linda Goode Bryant, "Flag Wars"

Eva Ilona Brzeski, "Last Seen"

Judy Cairo, "Down on Ponce"

Gurinder Chadha, "Love in London"

Evan T. Cohen, "The All Girl Disco Revival Group"

Sophia Erini Constantinou, "Anamnesis"

Christina Craton, "War Wounds"

Michele deLorimier, "My History with Men"

Skye Dent, "Committed"

Luc Déry, "I've Got Gum Stuck on my Brain"

Ryan Deussing, "Confederacy Theory"

Gail Dolgin, "A Needle in the Sand"

Helen Du Toit, "Look Both Ways"

Vera Golakova, "Missoula Memories"

Terrance Grace, "Baddabing"

Michael Graf, "Winter of Frozen Dreams"

Karen Lee Hall, "Sugar"

Buzz Hays, "Conjuring Women: A History of Women"

Judith Helfand, "Blue Vinyl"

Lynn Hershman Leeson, "The Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein"

Yasmeen Hoosenally, "Stripmall Bohemia"

Joseph A. Infantolino, "Girl Gone"

Paul Alexander Juutilainen, "Salton City - Miracle in the

Jennifer Kawaja, "Priceless"

Kevin Feng Ke, "Making Goddess"

Gregg Lachow, "The Ride of Paul Revere"

David Lancaster, "Miles from Heaven"

Chris Chan Lee, "Masterpiece"

Tod S. Lending, "Legacy"

Thomas Luehrsen, "Rocket Science"

Marc Marriott, "Of the Farm"

Eugene Martin, "Angel Brothers"

Cory McAbee, "The American Astronaut"

Kelly McKaig, "Danger Island"

Mehra Meh, "Treed Murray"

George Moffly, "Places of Greater Safety"

Jesus Nebot, "Yesterday's Tomorrow"

David M. Ostriker, "Toyland"

Martin G. Paul-Hus, "The Furnace"

Meta Puttkamer, "Some Guys Have All the Luck"

James Raymond, "Dreaming of you"

Shari Robertson, "Travesti"

Jennifer Romine, "The Last Taboo"

Josh Rosen, "Serious Toys"

Craig H. Shepherd, "Kaffir Boy"

Megan Siler, "Dean and Danny"

Yuri Sivo, "Wild Honey"

Valerie Soe, "Love Boat, Love Boat"

Jonathan Stack, "St. Gabriel: Women's Prison"

Sandra J. Stevens, "Madam, The Grass is High"

Lisa Vandever, "Viola Rose"

Eric Weinrib, "The Wrestling Movie"

Wally White, "Waldo Walker"

Marco Williams, "Two Towns of Jasper"

Steven J. Wolfe, "The Preacher's Son"

Industry Participants (as of 12/3/98)*:

Nancy Abraham, HBO/Cinemax

Wouter Barendrecht, Fortissimo Film Sales

Peter Belsito, Film Finders

Peter Broderick, Next Wave Films

Matt Brodlie, Miramax Films

Colin Brown, Screen International

Michelle Byrd, IFP

David Davis, Oregon Public Broadcasting

Udy Epstein, 7th Arts Releasing

Sherry Fadely, HBO Pictures

Julie Goldman, Non-Fiction Films

Marcus Hu, Strand Releasing

Laura Kim, MPRM

Kim Jang Wook, Ilshin Associates

Jonathan King, Laurence Mark Productions

Hisami Kuroiwa, Media Space

Len Klady, Variety

Jason Kliot, Open City Films

Jacquie Lawrence, Channel 4

Jack Lechner, Miramax Films

Sydney Levine, Film Finders

Hua Lin, Beijing Tian-Han Film & Television Co.

Andrew Loo, Chrome Dragon

Judith McCann, South Australian Film Corp

Greg Mollner, ShadowCatcher Entertainment

Andre Morte Teres, Institute of Culture of Barcelona

Maud Nadler, Overseas Filmgroup/First Look Pictures

Joy Newhouse, Sloss Law Office

Angela O'Donoghue, Dog House Productions

D.J. Paul, Ocelot Films

Clark Peterson, Behaviour Entertainment

Benjamin Phelan, Denver Center Media

Joe Pichirallo, Fox Searchlight

Bingham Ray, October Films

Jan Rofekamp, Films Transit

Lance Rosen, Clear Blue Sky Productions

Scott Rosenfelt, ShadowCatcher Entertainment

Ellen Schneider, POV

Regine Schmid, Time Distribution

Marc Smolowitz, Turbulent Arts

Kurt Woolner, Film Finances

Meijun Zhao, Beijing Tian-Han Film & Television Co.

* Additional industry participants are still pending and will be
confirmed in the coming weeks.

IFFCON is North America's premiere film financing event and will be held
next January 14-17 in San Francisco. Visit their website at

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