It's indisputable that Nelson Mandela, whose death was announced yesterday, will continue to live on through his ideals and the countless lives he inspired. But his legacy will also endure thanks to the cinematic medium, with the biopic "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" having just been released in theaters. To honor the former South African president and anti-apartheid revolutionary, we have put together a list of films about Mandela that are free to watch on SnagFilms. [SnagFilms is Indiewire's parent company.]

List below (synopses courtesy of SnagFilms):

"Nelson Mandela: Free At Last"

This 80 minute documentary is the definitive primer on Nelson Mandela's struggle against Apartheid, with rare footage, interviews with principal players, and the first speech Mandela gave upon his release from prison. PBS national broadcast and JCI home video release.

"Meeting Mandela: A Staying Alive Special"

Hosted by Beyonce Knowles, the documentary brings four young people to South Africa to talk to Nelson Mandela about some of the key issues affecting them and the world today.

"Life and Times: Nelson Mandela"

Life & Times: Nelson Mandela chooses from the many truly extraordinary intimate epiphanies of Mandela's life: Whether its the silent walk with his mother to the Royal Kraal as a nine-year old...or the fiery end to his first marriage...the ice-cream counter decision to face the death penalty...the moment when he was told of his mother and son's death on Robben Island...the moment PW Botha served him tea...or how he reacted to the girl who broke down at a Toronto school named in his honor.