IFP today announced the 37 projects that have been accepted for the No Borders International Co-Production Market, one of three sections of IFP's "Project Forum" to be held during the 30th Annual Independent Film Week, September 14-19, 2008, in New York City. Heading into its 14th year, No Borders is the only international co-production market in the U.S., connecting U.S. and international narrative projects at the script stage with financiers and buyers. "No Borders has become one of the great success stories of IFP's first 30 years," said Michelle Byrd, executive director of IFP, in a statement. "Since 2004 when the program became restricted to narrative projects, we've had 151 projects take part in a record-setting 1,688 financing meetings. The efficiency and impact of the program has grown dramatically since inception."

Previous participants in No Borders include Courtney Hunt's "Frozen River," Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden's "Half Nelson," Joshua Marston's "Maria Full of Grace," Miranda July's "Me and You and Everyone We Know" and Stephen Frears's upcoming release "Cheri." Notable attending filmmakers for 2008 include producers Anant Singh and Helena Springs, Graham Leader, directors Jeffrey Friedman and Rob Epstein, and Mia Bays.

Half of No Borders' participants are from the United States, while the other half is comprised of No Borders' eight international partners including funding bodies such as TelefilmCanada and UK Film Council and support organizations (Ateliers du Cinema Europeen/ACE and CineMart). For the second year, the UK Film Council is sending established independent producers Mia Bays, Mark Herbert and Gabriel Range to take meetings for a number of projects on their slates."This year alone we're anticipating topping the 920 one-on-one financing pitch meetings we had in 2007," says Susan Boehm, Managing Director of IFP's International Programs, in a statement.

The 2008 No Borders Projects

"Almost French", written and directed by Kate Dennis, produced by Sonja Armstrong

"And There In The Dust," written and directed by Lara Foot Newton and Gerhard Marx, produced by Brigid Olen and Marlow de Mardt

"Belinda's Notes," written and directed by Dorthe Scheffmann, produced by Michele Fantl

"Black South-Easter," written and directed by Carey McKenzie, produced by Tendeka Matatu and Teun Hilte

"Bone," written and directed by Ryan Redford, produced by Paul Stephens and Eric Jordan

"Clara's War," written by Jonas Chernick, produced by Corey Marr

"Crawling at Night," written and directed by Kimi Takesue, produced by Dan Carey and Elizabeth Giamatti

"Day Dream," written and directed by Rodney Evans, produced by Gavin Humphries and Anna Higs

"The Earth Above," written and directed by Russell Friedenberg, produced by Heather Rae

"Everything Must Go," written and directed by Art Jones, produced by Art Jones and Derrick Tseng

"Fantasyland," written by Maureen Tilyou, directed by Brian David Cange, produced by Andrea Miller and Carla Solomon, executive produced by Marilyn Agrelo

"Field of Blackbirds," written by Andreas Gaessler, directed by Dennis Todorovic, produced by Ewa Borowski

"The Flowers of Kirkuk," written and directed by Fariborz Kamkari, produced by Fabrizia Falzetti

"Four," written by Joshua Sanchez and Christopher Shinn, directed by Joshua Sanchez, produced by Carly Hugo and Gill Holland

"Heaven on Earth," written and directed by Ognjen Svilicic, produced by Damir Teresak and Markus Halberschmidt.

"High Society," written and directed by Aditya Assarat, produced by Aditya Assarat and Soros Sukhum

"Howl," written and directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, produced by Brian Benson and Howard Rosenman, executive produced by Gus Van Sant

"The Human Race," written and directed by Jorienvan Nes, produced by Bruno Felix and Femke Wolting.

"The Ice Man," written and directed by Yinan Diao, produced by Vivian Qu

"Karoo Boy," written by Helena Spring, directed by Donovan Marsh, produced by Anant Singh and Helena Singh, executive produced by Sudhir Pragjee

"Khumba," written by Raffaella Delle Donne and Anthony Silverston, directed by Anthony Silverston, produced by Stuart Forrest

"La Frontera," written by Jim Goodman, directed by Andrew Piddington, produced by Graham Leader

"Little Iron Men," written by Jesse Kobayashi and Christy Hall, directed by Jesse Kobayashi, produced by Lota Hadley

"Lou," written and directed by Belinda Chayko, produced by Michael McMahon and Tony Ayres

"Medianeras," written and directed by Gustavo Taretto, produced by Hernan Musaluppi

"Men," written by Joe DiPietro, directed by Chris Ashley, produced by Stephen Israel and Rebecca Hobbs

"The Most Fun You Can Have Dying," written and directed by Kirstin Marcon, produced by Alex Cole-Baker, executive produced by Tim White

"Mr. Snow," written by Daniel Pulick, directed by Kyle Newman, produced by Steven Shapiro

"The Nightingale," written by Mark Bamford and Suzanne Kay, directed by Mark Bamford, produced by Suzanne Kay, executive produced by Sean Hinton

"The Papaya Factory," written and directed by Anna Margarita Albelo, produced by Jamin O'Brien

"Quari," written and directed by Eunhee Cho, produced by Alan T. Chan and Lee Yun-Jin

"Return," written and directed by Liza Johnson, produced by Noah Harlan

"Scorched," written and directed by Denis Villeneuve, produced by Luc Dery and Ziad Touma

"Siblings," written and directed by Eva Vives, produced by Scott Macaulay and Robin O'Hara

"Whaling City," written and directed by Jay Burke, produced by Chip Hourihan

"Whirrrr," written and directed by Sven Dagones and Phedon Papamichael, produced by Olivier Damian and In-Ah Lee

"Zeroes and Ones," written and directed by Avi Zev Weider, produced by
Anne Hubbell and Amy Hobby