Indie Shorts Festival to Benefit Charities

by indieWIRE

A former Sony employee, who organized in-house screenings of co-workers'
films, is striking out on her own with a public shorts festival who's
proceeds benefit charity. The Small Pictures Independent Film Festival,
SPIFF, opened last night and continues tonight, November 6th in Santa
Monica, CA.

With SPIFF, festival director Joy A. Kennelly is combining her experience
with charity fund raising and film festival direction. New toys will be
collected at the door and donated Irish children charities along with a
portion of the proceeds.

Films premiering at SPIFF include Chris Hume's "Sammy The Screenplay"
starring Jason Alexander and Rob Schneider, Israel Segal's"Oh, Brother"
starring Julie Delpy and Angelo Guglielmo's documentary "Idling Brando" with
Dennis Woodruff.

The five member jury will be handing out awards both nights.

Kennelly hopes to take the festival on the road to New York in March and
later London.

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