Internet-based distributor IndiePix has partnered with U.K. film distributor Dogwoof in a bid to extend each company's reach in the other's respective territories. As part of the agreement, Dogwoof will promote IndiePix's leading titles across the UK through a variety of distribution formats including theatrical screenings, DVD sales, TV contracts and online distributions. IndiePix currently has over 3,000 titles within its film catalog and will work with Dogwoof to build a portfolio of titles for the UK audience. The first IndiePix title slated to go live through Dogwoof is "End of America," based on a book by Naomi Wolf. "IndiePix is especially pleased with the opportunity to build a special offering of UK filmmakers around this joint distribution initiative," noted Ryan Harrington, head of IndiePix Studios in a statement. "Dogwoof has great taste and judgement in the films they are offering, and it is clear that we are simply kindred spirits in our approaches to Independent Film."