Last night in New York City I ran into a talented emerging filmmaker who has spent years trying to put together his first feature. Along the way he has secured the support of a legendary indie producer and with money to make the movie now seemingly within reach, the two are trying to secure a few celebrity names so they can actually close a deal to make the movie. Awaiting funding answers from a few folks who work outside the Indiewood specialty scene, the filmmaker bemoaned the fact that even the most passionate indie execs are asking the filmmaker and his producer to lure as many name actors as possible for the film. In The Hollywood Reporter today, Gregg Goldstein some of these issues, writing, "In the mid-1990s, an influx of bankable actors invaded the scene, willing to work for scale wages on labors of love to prove their credibility or revive sagging careers. Many filmmakers now contend that getting an indie film made or seen today without stars is harder than ever before." [Eugene Hernandez]